Color Blocks

The following color concentrates in block form (1" x 2" x 1/2") are ample enough to color 15 lbs. of wax a deep shade. Most people use one block for 20 lbs. of wax to obtain a medium shade. These dye blocks are formulated from aniline dyes to give clear, bright tones or shades and are sediment free. It is a good idea to melt the wax first and then add the color. If less than 20lbs. is used, add shavings from the dye block until desired color is obtained. For light colors you will need to use very little dye. In order to judge the color in your melting container, you can pour small amounts into a dish or a small glass to cool. Remember the finished candle will be darker than the sample.

Color Blocks are good to start with and are easy to control shades and match same colors. They are for making solid color candles.