Pigment Dyes

BC Color Pigment Dyes
Candlewic Company has always pursued a policy of constant improvement and has now developed the next step up in Pigment Dyes - “BC Pigments”. We still maintain our large line of CM Pigments but PC Pigments cover over dipped items faster with a heavier buildup of color; while using less amounts of pigment. Two to three times stronger in coloring. These colors are light fast, largely heat proof and do not migrate. The melting point of BC Pigments is approximately 150 degrees F. Any of these colors can be mixed together to create any other colors. Do not use for coloring whole core as pigment dyes can impair baring properties. The perfect way to over dip Cut & Carve Candles, Tapers and Pillar Candles. This product is available in 8oz. bags in a chip form.

These are the strongest of any pigments for over dipping and cut & carve. All are blendable for different shades. They will not fade or bleed.

Type 1 (CM) Color Pigment Dyes
Pigments ground in wax resist bleeding and are especially suited for sculptured candles. They are recommended for outside coloring or dipping processes only. Do not color whole core of candles as pigments may impair burning properties. These colors are usually used to 1-2% but are sometimes used up to 55 for a very opaque effect. Any of these colors may be mixed together to create an infinite number of shades.

These pigment dyes are not as strong as BC Pigments. They are easy to use, and will not fade or bleed. For over dipping only.