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Making Votive Candles with Votive Pins

by Chandler 12. July 2013 22:34

Our project tip of the month is using votive pins when making votive candles. Votive pins are one of the best products to help make the perfect votive every time.


Step 1

Insert the votive pin into the votive mold.

Step 2

Heat the wax to 180°F and stir in color.

Step 3

Let the wax cool to the desired pouring temp.

Step 4

Add 4% to 6% fragrance.

Step 5

Fill the mold/pin with wax.

Step 6

Remove the pin carefully by tapping

Step 7

Insert the wick assembly into candle


Voila votives! With votive pins you can ensure a centered wick and a finished product so perfect it doesn't even look homemade.

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Choosing the Right Candle Wick

by Chandler 13. March 2013 21:26

The final choice to be made in the candle making process always seems to be the wick. Those that have gone through this experience know well that if the proper wick isn't selected, it doesn't matter if you picked the best fragrance, wax or even container because the candle will not burn properly. And if the candle doesn't burn properly, the consumer won't come back.

When choosing a wick, there are some important criteria to follow. You should strive to achieve:

  • consistent flame size
  • moderate container temperature
  • minimal or no blooming (carbon deposits)
  • well-formed wax pool with no dripping
  • minimal glow after the candle has been extinguished

Where do I start?
The issue any candle maker has is where to start when choosing the proper wick. In today's marketplace the possibilities are endless and that can be overwhelming at times. The frustration for many is that there is not a magic formula to determine what wick is right for the given application. There are over 300 different wicks! The best one for your application will vary depending on the wax you are using, the fragrance load, candle diameter and even the color.

So the question is, where do you start? Below are some highlights of the most frequently used wicks:

  • RRD--is a round directional wick with a cotton core and tension threads. It has been designed for optimal burn in solid-colored, scented votives and containers. This series may be one of the more popular due to its versatility in working with both paraffin and soy waxes.
  • HTP--Are otherwise known as high-tension paper wicks. These wicks have a paper core wound into the wick to offer rigidity. These wicks are specially designed for use in votives and containers.
  • CD--Also have a paper core wound into the wick and are very well suited for votives and containers.
  • LX--is a flat braided wick with stabilized threads that help the wick "curl" during the burning process. These wicks will work in votives, containers and pillars. This wick is also an excellent choice for pillars made of the ECO-Soya PB and the Pillar Palm waxes.
  • Zinc--This core has always offered rigidity in the "hot pour" process. The down side is that zinc is prone to mushrooming and carbon deposits. This series is very popular with paraffin waxes in containers.

Candlewic Wick Choice Resources:

  • Candlewic offers many standard wick assemblies and a broad selection of spooled wicking.
  • For a summary of all the wick series, be sure to check out this section of the Candlewic website which lists all of the wick series from smallest to largest.
  • Don't forget about our Custom Wick Builder! Watch this video to see how it works!


It is important that you spend time selecting the proper wick so you can really showcase the fragrances you have selected. The staff at Candlewic can help you with this process and we encourage you to take advantage of their expertise.

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How to Keep Wicks Centered in the Candles

by Chandler 25. June 2012 19:03

For votives

You have several options: the wick pin is an excellent way to ensure the wick is centered in the candle. An added feature of using the wick pin is that it allows you to use other wicks such as cotton, flat braided and round wicks in the candle. Another option with votives is to use the 33 mm oblong clip. This clip fits perfectly at the bottom of the candle and ensures your wick will stay centered at the bottom.

For jars and container candles

It is a littler trickier but the Glue Dots are an excellent way to keep them in the center of the container at the bottom. To ensure they are straight throughout the candle secure the wick on top of the container with a wick bar or other securing bar.

It is very important for the safety of the burning candle and performance that the wick is centered in the entire candle. When the wick is not centered it can waiver over to the sides of the glass container making for intense heat in a confined area.

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How To Make Custom Candle Wicks

by Chandler 26. April 2012 01:03

A big part of Candlewic's manufacturing capacity is making all of our Pre-Wick Assemblies. This is the process where we take the raw wick, wax it and then put it in the Wick Sustainer machine. This machine can cut the wick to any length from 1" up to a height of 9". The machines can run 15mm, 20 mm and even 33mm clips.

Order custom candle wicks.

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Wick Centering Tools

by Chandler 27. October 2011 00:05

In candle making, there are many terms which end up being common terms: fragrance load, topping off, pre-wick assemblies, fragrance retention and many others. Ironically there is one term that never seems to be used but you could argue is ONE of the most important in terms of maximizing the performance of your candle. Even after identifying the term, further explanation is necessary to identify why it is important.

Center, is a very common term in sports, social and every walk of life and candle making is no exception. Seems like these days no article is complete without its Google reference therefore we include that if you "Google" the term "center", there are over 1 billion results and my guess is that you would have to look very long and hard to see any purposeful references to candles. 

However, all these facts do not minimize how extremely important it is. No matter what type of candle you are making, the performance will hinge on the wick being centered and straight.  You can go to painstaking lengths to ensure you have the proper wick for your application but if the wick is not centered and straight it will not perform optimally. Pretty tough to imagine that an item other than a raw material of the candle could have such an impact. 

Glue Dots and Bowtie Clips

The good news is the candle market has responded to this very important feature by having the tools when used properly can take this potential issue out of the process. With containers there are two (2) very important tools to assist with task. For centering on containers, it is important the wick is secure and centered at the bottom of the container and the glue dots are perfect for ensuring this is accomplished. At roughly 2.1 cents a piece it is well worth the investment.

Equally important is to have the wick centered at the top of the container. The bow tie clip is the perfect choice for most glassware. The clip can adjust to many different glass openings. If you are using two wicks, it will help space the wicks equally apart from one another. When you slide the wick over into the smaller hole it will help keep the wick in place.

Hover securing on top can also be simply done by taking a popsicle stick and drilling a hole for the wick to slide into.  It really does not matter which method you use just make sure the wick is centered.

Votive Pins

Moving onto votives, it is easy to keep the wick centered top to bottom with a votive pin. The votive pin can be dropped into the votive cup you pour your wax, top off and then remove the candle and pull the pin out. A pre-wick assembly can then be threaded up through the wick hole. Using the pins allows you to use almost any type of wicking material and still keep the wick straight in the candle.

Pillar Pins

With pillars made in the the round aluminum mold, the pillar pin are the clear choice to ensuring the wick is straight and centered. To use this item you slide the pin from the outside of the round pillar mold and then pour your pillar as normal. In addition to the pin helping with leaking it can also be guaranteed to keep the wick centered. The only drawback to the pins is they are only effective with the round aluminum molds.  

While it may not seem like a big issue, it is imperative the wick is centered and straight to ensure the wick perform at its best.  An off centered wick in a container can leave wax on a portion of the jar, can cause the glass to get hot at a small concentrated area and cause the candle to burn uneven causing it to smoke and soot.  With a pillar an off-centered wick can cause the side of the pillar to have blow out and run down the sides of the pillar. 

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