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Homemade Holiday Votives and Floaters

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Christmas is on its way.  Start getting in the spirit of the holidays with this festive, scented, red, white, & green votive and floater-candle project.


  • 1 pound (454 g) White Beeswax
  • 1 pound (454 g) General Purpose Wax
  • 15-20 Pre-Wicked Votive Tabs
  • Concentrated Color Squares - Burgundy
  • Concentrated Scent Squares - Cranberry
  • Votive Molds or Floater Molds
  • Stearine (refer to packaging for required amount)



Fill the melting pot with beeswax and general-purpose wax and heat indirectly until all the wax is melted.


Add 8 tablespoons (120 ml) of Stearine to the melted wax. This will make your finished candles harder and also make your candles burn longer.


Add 5 squares of burgundy color to the melting wax, and melt at a low temperature until color squares and wax are completely melted. Test color by placing a drop of dyed wax on aluminum foil or wax paper and let cool. The color of the wax will change as it cools. Additional concentrated color squares may be added if you prefer your finished candles to be darker than the sample of wax.


Add 6 squares of cranberry scent to the melting wax as well. More or less scent can be used to create the strength of scent that you desire.


For votive candles, apply mold release to your votive molds, and pour wax into the mold. Immediately insert the pre-wicked votive tab into the wax and center it in the middle of the mold. (Make sure the wick is standing straight up from the tab before inserting it into the wax.) For floating candles, follow this same process using floater molds and pre-wicked tealight tabs. IMPORTANT: Do not pour all of the wax into the candle molds. Withhold some of the wax for use in STEP 6.


As the wax cools, a depression will form in the centers of the candles. Re-fill this depression with wax retained from STEP 5. (You must save some wax from the previous step to have enough wax to fill these indentations.)


Once candles have completely cooled (place in refrigerator to quicken cooling process), remove candles from mold.


Buy the Ingredients for This Project

per unit
100% White Beeswax in pastille form.
USP grade beeswax.
per unit
per unit
Wick size & type: 3" CD-6 ; sustainer base: 20 mm base x 3 mm neck; Standard 160-degree MP wax coating
per unit
The easy way to color wax for candle making color concentrates in block form (1" x 2" x 1/2") are ample to color 15 lbs of wax to a deep shade.
per unit
Fits all popular votive containers. Heavy seamless metal. Top is 1-3/4" Bottom in 2" Height is 1-15/16" Wax capacity is 1.5 oz.
per unit
Wax Additive - 150 degree F melt point. (White Powder)
Stearic acid is a fatty acid that is derived from tallow or vegetable oil. Stearic is a very effective wax modifier that has been used in candle making for well over 150 years. Also referred to as stearine.
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