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Candle Making Videos


Video: Wick Centering Devices

Usage of the Wick Centering Devices.

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Video: Pouring Pot Kit

Usage of the pouring pot kit.

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Video: Wax Granulator Machine

Usage of the wax granulator machine.

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Video: Wax Slabbing Machine Part 1

Pouring wax into the wax slabbing machine.

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Video: Wax Slabbing Machine Part 2

Pulling wax slabs out of the wax slabbing machine.

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Video: Custom Wick Builder Machine

Candle wick machine. Creates custom sized wicks.

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Video: How To Select a Candle Wax

Learn how to select the correct wax type for your candle. Paraffin and soy wax characteritics explained. Great for beginners!

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Video: How To Make Beeswax Candles

Making beeswax candles is simple, enjoyable, and a great candle to make -- all year round!

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Video: How To Make Soy Wax Candles

Learn how to make earth-friendly, soy wax candles. It's easy!

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Video: Custom Blend Candle Wax - Candlewic's CBL-129 Wax

Learn the benefits of choosing the CBL-129 wax for container candles.

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Video: Granulated Candle Wax Art - The Easiest Way To Make Candles

Easy candle making project. Pour into a candle and light. Or melt candles for a traditional candle. Super easy!

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Video: Soy Wax (Soy-125) for Container Candles

Nature at it's BEST is the only way to describe this all natural, domestically grown, soy wax. This container candle wax is capable of holding up to 4-5% fragrance. Specifically designed for use in containers.

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Video: Easy-To-Use Custom Candle Wick Builder

This easy-to-use feature of the Candlewic web site lets you specify the exact makeup for your candle wick assemblies from the wick material and length to the sustainer base and wax coating.

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Video: Starter Candle Making Kits

Starter candle making kits are great for current and aspiring candle makers. Enough supplies for 6 votive candles.

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Video: Beeswax for Candles

Beeswax is secreted by worker bees and is found on all continents of the globe. Our material is filtered and packed in blocks. Beeswax has very little shrinkage and will help to increase burn time.

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Video: Candle Scents, Fragrances, and Oils

No matter what scent you are looking for to make the perfect candle or bar of soap, Candlewic is your best source for an extensive selection.

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Video: Candle Jars, Glassware, and Containers

Hundreds of container options are available for your candles. This quick video introduces the many container options available at

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Video: Candle Wick Overview

Watch an overview about Candlewic's extensive inventory of raw wicking and pre-waxed wick assemblies in the country!

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Video: Candle Molds from Candlewic

Candlewic offers candle molds of all shapes, sizes, and types. Aluminum candle molds, plastic candle molds, tea-light molds and more are available at

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Video: Candle Colors from Candlewic

Learn about the different coloring products available from Candlewic. Color blocks and buttons are just some of the many options.

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