Candle Molds


Candles come in all kinds of shapes and sizes! From tart molds, beeswax candle molds and aluminum molds to plastic candle molds and mold making materials, you can create custom, eye-catching candles with our unique mold supplies!

VIDEO TIP: Not sure what type of mold you need? Watch our video on mold selection!

Buy Candle Molds and Mold Making Supplies

Aluminum Molds
Candlewic offers durable, seamless, aluminum candle molds in a variety of candle shapes and sizes.
Beeswax Molds
These polyurethane candle molds let you create candles with a beeswax appearance in a pillar style.
Designer Shaped Molds
These specially designed plastic molds are great for hobbyists or professional candle makers looking for unique style.
Floating Candle Molds
Floating candles are very popular and Candlewic offers several different mold types to choose from.
Mold Making Material
These standard clamshell molds are commonly called melts. Now you can catch onto this fast growing trend.
Polyurethane Molds
Polyurethane/Plastic molds are popular for their toughness, flexibility, and ability to withstand countless pours.
Tapered Candle Molds
Get the classic dipped look with these tapered candle molds. Candlewic offers a wide variety of taper molds.
Tea-Light Candle Molds
Tea-light candles are a staple in any product line. Candlewic offers polyurethane, aluminum, and plastic molds.
Votive Candle Molds
Candlewic has an extensive array of votive candle molds in many shapes and sizes; singles or wholesale.