Seamless Aluminum Candle Molds

Candlewic offers a one piece, seamless, aluminum mold that produces an excellent pillar candle. No seams to trim and perfect mold release. These molds are designed for the small to large manufactures for the production of pillar candles. They can be water bathed for speeding up production or air-cooled. This candle mold is your best buy if you plan on expanding the production of pillar candles. Use our rubber plugs to seal the bottom. It is important to understand that the bottom of the mold is the top of the candle. All molds are extremely durable, one piece, seamless aluminum with a side-wall thickness of .04". The molds are available with a recessed top and wick hole.

Large Aluminum Molds
These molds have a fixed base with a formed end. They are seamless, heavy duty aluminum with a wall thickness of .065 (1/16"). They have a fixed base with a dome top end. These candles can be dipped into colors for layer coloring using pigment dyes or build up with layers for Cut & Carve candles (sculptured candles). The dome top allows the wax to flow off in a smooth motion. Seamless aluminum molds make a great pillar candle.