Polyurethane Candle Molds

Polyurethane Molds are tough flexible candle molds that are used by candle companies of all sizes. These molds are very durable for countless pours. The polyurethane molds are one piece with a side slit. The wick is inserted through the wick hole on the bottom of the mold, no plug is necessary.

The Christmas Decoration Polyurethane Molds are very easy to use. Heat beeswax or paraffin to 165-175 degrees F, in a pot. Cut wick 30 ply in 6" lengths. Fold in half and dip in beeswax. Let set 2-3 minutes and then squeeze together and lay in mold. Fill mold
complete to cover wick. After decoration hardens, use hot wax to finish or leave in natural beeswax color.