Standard Liquid Candle Scents

The standard liquid fragrances supplied by Candlewic can be used in wax candles, potpourri, air fresheners, gel candles, room sprays and the Clear Candle Technology. Many of the standard fragrances are skin safe and also can be used in soaps and lotions. Candlewic’s standard fragrances are 100% concentrated and will offer your candle a very lively scent. The standard fragrances have been offered to candle makers for over 30 years, for more updated and recent fragrances check our Ultimate fragrance line. The standard fragrances are measured by weight not liquid volume.

The recommended amount of fragrance to use can vary depending on a particular fragrance and the desired strength. We suggest starting at 6% (1 ounce per pound) and adjusting accordingly up to 9% (1.5 ounces per pound). Candlewic doesn’t recommend exceeding 9% fragrance levels. Higher fragrance loads will have an adverse effect on your candles burning properties. Higher fragrance loads may contribute to excessive smoke, coking (soot) and blooming (mushrooming).
Candlewic suggests adding the fragrance just before you pour the candle. Prolonged heating of the fragrance may contribute to some the fragrance being lost. It is very important to make sure you fully agitate the wax and the fragrance before pouring the wax.

Fragrances may vary in color and can cause discoloration to your finished candle. We suggest testing the fragrances in your application to see if the color may need adjustment.

Candlewic suggests storing your fragrances in a cool dark place; direct sunlight may cause excessive discoloration and crystallization. This will cause a very short shelf like for your fragrances. The shelf life of the fragrance will vary for each particular fragrance, anywhere from 6 months up to a year.