Scenti MasterBatch - Solid Candle Scents for Candle Making

Scenti Masterbatch represents a new candle scent technology based on a solid fragrance system. The solid form of this candle scent allows ease of handling with no waste, while its patented process ensures complete solubility in waxes.

Product Advantages
• Easy Handling
• Complete incorporation into liquid paraffin wax
• Excellent scent binding ability and fragrance retention
• Improved burn performance and fragrance retention
• Cost savings from reduced additive levels
• Dermatologically safe

Scenti Masterbatch is suitable for all candle manufacturing processes. It is formulated to produce a very high degree of scent binding ability when added to paraffin waxes and therefore eliminates the migration of oil to the candle's surface. This reduces the need for additives used for this purpose. This property makes Scenti especially useful when large percentages of fragrance are required in molded, poured, overdipped and compressed candles. The addition of Scenti produces a clouding effect on paraffin wax thus increasing its opacity. Molded and poured candles using Scenti Masterbatch do not require large amounts of additives to produce an opaque appearance.

Scenti Masterbatch can be used as a liquid scent replacement. Scenti may be used at very high fragrance usage levels, 6% (1 oz. per pound), 9% (1.5 oz. per pound), 12% (2 oz. per pound) and can even be used at 100%. The product comes in a solid form, so for smaller batches you will need to cut off the desired amount and melt it with your solid wax to speed up production time.