Granulated Candle Wax

Granulated wax, also referred to as magic wax crystals or scented sands, can be used in a myriad of applications. You can make an instant candle by just pouring the crystals into a glass container and placing the wick in. The beads can be layered to create very unique looks. Much like sand art, wax art crystals are a great source for individuals to make their own candles at fairs, carnivals, and craft shows.

Packaged in 1, 5, and 25-pound put-ups.
Item Number Color/Scent   Item Number Color/Scent
WACB-1 White   WACB-9 Pink
WACB-2 Blue   WACB-10 Turquoise
WACB-3 Red   WACB-11 Light Blue
WACB-4 Yellow   WACB-12 Sea Green
WACB-5 Green   WACB-13 Fluorescent Blue
WACB-6 Mauve   WACB-14 Fluorescent Orange
WACB-7 Orange   WACB-15 Fluorescent Green
WACB-8 Purple   WACB-16 Fluorescent Yellow