Candle Wax Blends

Candlewic carries a full line of pre-blended candle waxes. These waxes are fully formulated and require no additional additives except for UV light stabilizers. These blends have a paraffin base with specialty additives compounded for ease in specific applications.

J-50 -- This specialty candle wax blend is designed for the manufacturer of container candles. The wax’s cohesive properties and low shrinkage allow it to offer you one pour behavior with excellent adherence to container wall. This wax exhibits excellent fragrance through hot and cold.

J-300 -- The latest innovation in jar/container candle waxes. It is designed to evenly pull away from the walls of the container into which it is poured. This characteristic makes it ideal for wax for multi-layered (multi-color and multi-fragrance) jar candles. In addition the problem of “wet spots” (commonly associated with uneven separation) is completely eliminated. Last, but certainly not least J-300 offers one pour convenience in the making of one-color candles.

J223 -- This wax is the new innovation in one-pour waxes, it offers a new versatile high performance in your production of container candles. J223 is formulated to take the next step in the ideal jar/container wax.

NOTE: This does not represent all of the waxes available on Candlewic.com.
Candle Wax
Melting Point F Texture Pouring
Temp F
Packaged Candle
J-50 130 Soft 150 10.6 lb slabs 5 slabs/case Creamy & Smooth PDS MSDS
J-300 130 Soft 160 10 lb slabs 5 slabs/case Creamy & Opaque PDS MSDS
J-223 124 Soft 145-155 slabs   Creamy & Opaque PDS MSDS