Renewable / Natural Candle Wax

100% Soy Wax
Soy 120 & Soy 125 are made with, 100% natural soybeans that are domestically grown. Both products are manufactured meeting FDA and Kosher standards. Soy 125 is a blend of soy and soybean oil that will hold higher fragrance loads than the 120. Both 100% soy products can be used without the addition of other ingredients but Candlewic recommends adding either palm stearic or beeswax to the blend for maximum performance. The additions of these products will help with the overall quality of the waxes and will help the waxes hold and disperse higher fragrance loads. Both the Soy 120 & the 125 are only intended to be used for container candles.
Candle Wax Blend Description Wax Blend Consistency Fragrance Capacity Candle's Finish Pouring
Temp F
Melting Point Product Data Sheets MSDS
Soy 120 100% soybean wax. Ideal for container candles only. Offers excellent adhesion and works as a true one pour. Soft 3% Creamy Opaque 145-155 119 PDS MSDS
Soy 125 A blend of soybean and soybean oil. Ideal for container candles, offering excellent and uniform adhesion. Will hold higher fragrance loads than Soy 120 without the addition of beeswax or palm stearic. Soft 5-6% Creamy Opaque 100-145 125 PDS MSDS

Soy 120 & Soy 125 are available in flakes that are packaged in 55-pound bags and are enclosed in a box.
These waxes are also available in 1-pound and 5-pound bags.
FOB Doylestown, PA
Significant price breaks for larger than pallet quantities. Call for additional information on pricing 1-800-368-3352.

Bulk Beeswax
Candlewic offers premium white and yellow bulk beeswax in easy to handle pastilles. Candlewic’s beeswax is 100% natural and is cosmetic grade. Of all the materials used to make candles, natural beeswax is considered to be the most prestigious, the most elegant and in many cases the most expensive. Candles made with beeswax burn very slowly and cleanly with the sweet aroma of honey, creating a relaxing, intimate atmosphere.

Beeswax can be used at 100% or can be blended effectively with paraffin or soy waxes to improve the overall quality. It can also be very beneficial in increasing burn times when blended with paraffin and soy. Beeswax has very little shrinkage and can be used to make container, pillar, votive, novelty or taper candles.

Color Melting Point Acid Value Saponification Value
White 140-149 F 17-24 89-103
Yellow 140-149 F 17-24 89-103

White and Yellow Beeswax is available packaged in 1-pound and 5-pound poly bags and is available bulk in 55-pound lined bags.
FOB Doylestown, PA
Significant price breaks for larger than pallet quantities. Call for additional information on pricing 1-800-368-3352.

Beeswax does have soft and tacky properties despite its high melting point. This can make mold release difficult in some cases. We recommend using a silicone spray to ease in mold release every 3rd or 4th pour. The best molds to use with the beeswax are polyurethane or polycarbonate. Aluminum molds will work but mold release is essential to use. We recommend pouring beeswax at 155-165º F for best results.

The Square Braided series of wicks were originally designed for beeswax candles and are the most effective. Their open construction and treatment make them ideal for the highly viscous beeswax. The square braided is designed to give you a slight curl when it is burned to minimize blooming (carbon buildup).

After a considerable period of time, candles made with beeswax may appear to be covered with a mysterious white powder called “bloom” creating an attractive frosty appearance. Many candle makers like the exotic look of the “bloom” because they feel it gives their candles the look of “age.” “Bloom” has no effect on the way the candle burns and is actually a sign of purity in 100% beeswax.

Palm Waxes
Candlewic's new series of palm waxes are complex blends of tropical oils and their derivatives. This line of wax offers you a natural alternative to beeswax and soy wax. Palm wax possesses beautiful surface finish, excellent burning qualities and color stability. The Palm waxes carried by Candlewic present exciting possibilities for fulfilling your discerning standards of quality as well as your expressions of beauty and style.

Palm waxes typically offer superb color stability through a wide range of colors from subtle light pastels, to brilliant primaries, to rich deep tones-distinctive in any chosen setting. However certain colorants that may have solubility issues with the palm waxes. Color blocks and buttons have all been tested in the waxes.

Palm waxes can be used with most liquid candle scents at 5-6% fragrance loads. We suggest testing the fragrance on an individual basis.

Palm waxes should be used with aluminum molds for maximum crystal design. Other metal molds can be used but controlled cooling must be exercised. The aluminum allows for slow cooling.

Palm waxes do have a high acid value so we suggest using wicks that have appropriate treatments. The following wick series have are very effective in palm waxes; RRD, CD, HTP & ECO series and the LX-22, 24 & 26.

Candle Wax Blend Description Wax Blend Consistency Fragrance Capacity Candle's Finish Pouring
Temp F
Palm-1 Crystallizing Container/Jar fill Hard 5% Crystal Design 160-185 MSDS
Palm-2 Crystallizing Votive/Pillar wax Hard 5% Crystal Design 200-210 MSDS
Palm-3 Feathering Pillar Wax Hard 5% Feathering 200-210 MSDS

Palm waxes are available prilled (granulated), packaged in 50-pound bags and are enclosed in a box.
Palm waxes are available in a 5-pound put-up also.

Vegetable-based Wax Blends
Candlewic offers a wide variety of vegetable-based wax blends for all candle types. These waxes are all 100% vegetable blends of soy, palm, cottonseed and other vegetable-based wax products. These candle wax blends are fully formulated and are not designed to be mixed with other products.

Votive & Pillar Waxes
Candle Wax Blend Description Wax Blend Consistency Fragrance Capacity Candle's Finish Congealing Point F Pouring
Temp F
Product Data Sheets MSDS
CSP   Hard 6% Smooth Opaque   170-175 PDS MSDS

Veggie blends are offered in 55-pound bags.
These waxes are available in 1-pound & 5-pound put-ups also.