Standard Candle Wick Assemblies

If you're just starting out or if you use a common wick configuration, it might be easier to order from our stock of standard candle wick assemblies. These wick assemblies are made from the same top-grade materials as our custom wick assemblies. But since they're in high demand, we build a lot of them. Please allow 2-3 days for delivery.

Candlewic carries two basic wick coatings in addition to a specialty beeswax coating to offer you solutions for all of your applications. The wick’s maximum rigidity during production and burning of the wick.

High Melt Point (Standard)
This wick coating wax is for standard hot pour processes in votive, container and tea light applications. Designed to offer maximum rigidity during production and burning of the wick.
Melt Point 184°F

Super High Melt Point
Specifically formulated wick primer wax designed to maintain the integrity of the wick during elevated pouring temperatures. Beneficial when pouring gel candles. The high melt point prevents the coating from melting and prevents additional air.
Melt Point 212°F

Unique in the market, beeswax offers a flexible and durable coating for the wick. Ideal for candle makers who are producing 100% natural/renewable candles.
Melt Point 150°

If you need some help deciding which wick is best for the type of candle you're making, you can use the Wick Offering page, or you can Ask Chandler for some advice.