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Candle Making Equipment

  candle making thermometers  


An accurate thermometer is an essential tool for any candle maker. Candlewic offers a variety of thermometers to help you monitor your candle production accurately.

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  Candle Making Pouring Pots  

Candle Wax Pouring Pots

Candlewic offers a variety of heavy-duty, seamless pouring pots. These pouring pots are tough enough to withstand every day use.

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  Wick Holder Bars  

Wick Holder Bars

These handy tools from Candlewic take the frustration out of wicking your candles.

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  Rubber Plugs  

Rubber Plugs

These tapered rubber plugs are great to seal the bottom of aluminum molds. Just fasten wick to the top of the mold, pull tight at base and push small end of rubber plug into hole at base of your candle mold.

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  Wax Heaters  

Wax Heaters

Candlewic has one of the largest selection of candle wax heaters anywhere. We have heaters that are ideal for a beginner or hobbiest and we have a full line of large-capacity wax heaters for candle makers of all sizes.

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Wholesale Candles

These candles are made on high-speed compression machinery and produced at a low cost. We sell our fully refined waxes to many candle manufactures that produce this type of candle. We back haul these on our trucks and offer them to you for resale at a very competitive price. These are quality candles that are used for luminaries at Christmas, food warmers, wax scent buttons, potpourri and many other applications.

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The Candlewic Company

Supplies the candle making industry with candle making kits, molds and accessories including candle wax, gel, and wicks.

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Official Distributors of: Penreco Candle Gels
Members: IGCA, National Candle Association

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