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Tissue Paper or Wax Paper Candles


One technique that can dress up any simple candle and make it into a memorable gift is the tissue paper or wax paper candle technique.

First, make your homemade candle. Pillar candles provide the best surface for this project. Learn how to make them here.

Next, decide what design you want to cover the surface of your candle. The possibilities are numerous.

New Image

Add a Photo or Computer-Generated Image

Tape your tissue paper to cardstock and run it through the printer. Whether it's a family photo, beautiful stock image or your company's logo, your candle is sure to be one of a kind. You can also type up a quote or verse to apply writing onto your candle.

Create Your Own Design by Hand

For this you will want to use a sharpie, marker or some other ink-based writing method. If you're an artist you can design your own image to be transferred onto your candle. You can even have your children draw on it for a memorable candle that would make a great gift for a mother, father, grandparents or a teacher.

Transferring Your Design to the Candle

For this you will want to use a heat tool, like a heating gun or a hairdryer.

  • Pull the tissue paper or wax paper tightly around your candle, positioned where you want the design.
  • Hold the heating tool away from the candle's surface a few inches and begin to heat the paper with a sweeping motion for 30-40 seconds.
    • For wax paper it may take the full 30-40 seconds for ink to transfer to the candle.  Peel back the paper slightly to check if the image has transferred.
    • If you are using tissue paper, the candle wax will actually permeate the tissue paper and become one.  It may take less time than wax paper. 

This is yet another simple way to turn plain candles into gifts that are almost too beautiful to burn! Get creative with your designs!

*NOTE: Use proper safety precautions when using the heating tool Do not let children attempt this craft without proper help and supervision.                    


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2 Responses to "Tissue Paper or Wax Paper Candles"

margaret taylor

9:46 AM on December 12, 2016
is one kind of wax candle different from another. do you need a certain type of candle to use to put your pictures on.

The Candlewic Company

1:40 PM on May 22, 2017
For best results you should use a paraffin wax with a melt point of 140 or above. In addition you will need to make sure you are using a paper that can resist oils.
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