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Candlewic offers a complete line of candle making supplies including candle wax, candlewicks, candle molds, candle dyes, candle scents and candle making equipment. Here you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Candlewic and candle making.

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Q: Is there an easy way to make candles that look elaborate?

One way to easily achieve this is to use polyurethane rubber candle molds. These easy to use candle molds help the candle maker create unique brand extensions of their existing line in order to help separate themselves from the competition.

  1. Use a few rubber bands around the candle mold to seal the sides together. Some people use hose clamps, but they can be cumbersome and difficult to gauge tightness. Rubber bands break down over time, so keep a few extra on hand.

  2. Leave extra wick at the bottom of the mold. This extra length can be used to tie beads or information cards to the candle, which sometimes are difficult to label. This extra wick can also be used as the wick for the next candle. By removing the candle and pulling the extra wick through, the candle is ready for the second pour without having to re-wick it.

  3. Keep your candle molds clean to avoid any discoloration of the candles when changing colors. If you leave a little red wax left in the candle mold, and then change to yellow, you may get orange spots in the yellow candles. Keep them clean!

  4. Have fun with color bleed. One example is the M-22 Rose Floater Candle Mold. By pouring a deep red a few times, then switching to a hot pour of uncolored white, will result in a really uniquely colored candle. The left over red candle wax in the mold gives a neat pink striped affect to the white candle wax.

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