HTP Wick Spools

HTP Wick Spools
HTP Wick Spools
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Available in 4 oz. Rolls and Large Rolls. The Large Rolls are packaged on 6.5 x 6" cardboard spool weighing an average of 5 lbs.

Select a Size:

4 oz. roll 889 ft/roll HTP-31 for $8.75
4 oz. roll 689 ft/roll HTP-41 for $8.65
4 oz. roll 503 ft/roll HTP-52 for $8.75
4 oz. roll 357 ft/roll HTP-62 for $8.75
4 oz. roll 286 ft/roll HTP-73 for $8.75
4 oz. roll 248 ft/roll HTP-83 for $8.75
4 oz. roll 228 ft/roll HTP-104 for $8.75
4 oz. roll 221 ft/roll HTP-105 for $8.75
4 oz. roll 151 ft/roll HTP-1212 for $8.75
5 lb roll 13770 ft/roll HTP-31 for $122.63
5 lb roll 10065 ft/roll HTP-41 for $122.63
5 lb roll 7635 ft/roll HTP-52 for $122.63
5 lb roll 7155 ft/roll HTP-62 for $122.65
5 lb roll 5715 ft/roll HTP-73 for $122.63
5 lb roll 4965 ft/roll HTP-83 for $122.63
5 lb roll 4560 ft/roll HTP-104 for $122.63
5 lb roll 4425 ft/roll HTP-105 for $122.63
5 lb roll 3015 ft/roll HTP-1212 for $122.63

Product Description

HTP is a wick designed to provide the benefits of a self-trimming wick posture with rigidity found in cored wick. This rigidity is due to a specialty yarn fiber that is incorporated into the construction of the braid. This specialty yarn, which is 100% natural fibers increases the burn temperature, which results in less carbon buildup (Mushrooming). This is a good all around wick for paraffin, gel and vegetable waxes that require hotter burning applications.

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