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Candle Containers


The best deals on a huge variety of candle making supplies, candle jars, and containers – with or without lids. Get the perfect glassware for candle making. Hundreds of options! 

Once you've selected the wax and scents for your candles, it's time to think about candle containers, labels and packaging! We have hundreds of glass candle containers, wholesale candle jars, candle tins, votive candleholders and more.

VIDEO TIP: Not sure what type of container you need for your project? Watch our video on how to select a container.

Buy Candle Containers and Glassware

All Glassware
Hundreds of glassware options are available for your candles. Choose from classic and modern styles.
Candle Jars
Choose from dozens of candle glass jars - with or without lids. Enough variety to give your customers something new.
Libbey Glass Jars
Glass jars for candles and general use from Libbey. Make gorgeous container candles in high quality glassware.
Candle Tins
Candle tins are easy to make & personalize. The natural color of soy wax works well with tins.
Boxes & Labels
Boxes for packaging your creations. Labels are especially helpful for product warnings.

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