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Candle Dye, Colors & Pigments

Candles, Colors, and Dyes

Create colorful and unique candles with our variety of liquid candle dye, candle color blocks, and pigment dyes! Achieve just the right vibrant colors or soft tones with our superior candle colors.

VIDEO TIP: Not sure what type of candle dye you need? Watch our video on how to select a dye or learn more about the characteristics of our dyes below.

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Color Blocks
Concentrated enough to color 15 pounds of candle wax to a deep shade, these color blocks are formulated from aniline dyes to give clear, bright tones or shades and are sediment free.
Liquid Candle Dye
Our highly concentrated liquid dyes are 50% stronger than our standard liquid dyes and are formulated with eco-friendly ingredients. These dyes are completely odorless and are gel safe.
Pigment Dyes
Candlewic offers two different types of pigment dyes. Our BC pigment dyes cover over dipped items faster with a heavier buildup of color (two to three times richer), while using less amounts of pigment.

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