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Candle Equipment


Whether you're looking for professional candle making equipment for your business or supplies for your candle making hobby, we have everything you need! From wax melters and pots to thermometers and other tools, we carry a variety of wholesale candle supplies!

VIDEO TIP: Keeping your wicks centered is an important step in creating quality candles! Wick centering devices make it easy. Watch our video on how to use these handy tools!

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Pouring Pots
Candlewic offers a variety of heavy-duty, seamless pouring pots tough enough to withstand every day use.
Bars, Bowties & Glue Dots
Wicks getting out of control? These handy tools from Candlewic take the frustration out of wicking your candles.
Wax Melters and Heaters
Candlewic has one of the largest selection of candle wax heaters anywhere, with different sizes to meet your needs.
Rubber Plugs
These tapered rubber plugs are great to seal the bottom of aluminum molds.
Taper Candle Tools
Heavy duty light aluminum metal frames. Easy adjustments to height. 1" to 15".
An accurate thermometer is an essential tool for any candle maker.
Wholesale Candles
These candles are made on high-speed compression machinery and produced at a low cost.

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