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Candle Wicks

Custom Wicks

Whether you're an expert in candle making and know exactly what you want to order, or you're new to candle making and don't know the difference between a cotton wick and a paper one, Candlewic has the wick for you!

The size and type of wick you choose is vital in the candle making process. Need a cotton wick? A wooden wick? A pre-waxed wick? We have a variety of candle wicks and supplies, from wooden wicks and pre-waxed wicks to cotton wicks and wick tabs and pins. You can even use our Custom Wick Builder to build your own wicks and assemblies!

VIDEO TIP: You may be wondering: "What size wick do I need?" or "What type of wick should I use?" Watch our video on how to properly select a candle wick!

Buy Candle Wick Supplies

Custom Wick Builder
You spec it, we'll build it! This easy-to-use feature of the Candlewic web site lets you customize your wick assemblies.
Wooden Wicks
"Cherry" wooden wicks are easy to use and will truly enhance your candle line. Comes with custom tabs.
Spools of Wicking
Every candle wick type listed on our site is available in either 4 or 8-ounce rolls or in factory-sized rolls.
Standard Wick Assemblies
Pre-waxed wick assemblies take all of the work out of making tea-lights, floaters, votives, and jar candles.
Wick Tabs
Sustainer bases hold the wick upright when the candle gets close to the bottom of the container.
Wick Pins
Wicks getting out of control? Place these pins in your custom candles for a perfectly centered wick every time.

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