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Candle Containers


Holidays are for Luminaries

Our favorite holiday candle décor has to be the luminary, specifically the tin can luminary. It’s such an easy DIY project and you probably have all the supplies you need already in your household!

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Lace Candleholder

This idea from Spirello blog is an easy and elegant lace candleholder that makes a great table centerpiece, especially for weddings or more formal events.

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Get Creative with Candle Containers!

We scoured the Internet to find some new and inspiring candle container ideas for you to try! Teacup Candles and Bottle Candles!

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How to Choose Container Candle Wax

Which Wax is the Best for My Container Candle?

Containers are generally the most popular type of candles and allow the largest selection of waxes. There are 5 distinct differences about container waxes:

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