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Candle Projects & Crafts


How to Make Clam Shell Melts and Tarts

Adding clam shells or tarts can be extremely easy, and, in many instances, you can use your existing wax formula and these products can then double as a way for you to send samples of what your fragrances smell like.

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Create a Custom Candle Mold or Soap Mold

Have you noticed an item in your home that you thought would make a unique candle and/or soap mold? Did you then realize that making the mold was a difficult and costly endeavor?

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How to Make Recycled Chunk Candles

One of the important aspects in today's market is customer experience in the purchasing of the candle. By consumers coming into your location, you have an extreme advantage over the internet, and now the key is to "hook" that customer on your candles.

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Why Does My Soy Candle Color Bleed?

How to Add Color to Soy Wax Candles

Soy has many positive attributes but one thing that it is not quite as effective at is holding fragrance. In most instances when this occurs you have put more fragrance in the wax then it can hold. The bleeding is actually the fragrance oil bleeding which pulls the color with it. Learn how to fix soy wax color bleed....

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Creative Uses for Extra Candle Wax

With the current price of wax, it is important that you reduce all waste and use your extra wax no matter how small the quantity. Some creative uses include decorative floater candles, tea lights, and tart candles.

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How to Create Unique and Trendy Candles

In most instances when you walk into a candle shop of any type, the predominate candle appears to be the jar candles, but there are so many more type of candles to choose from. Learn more about some of the unique and trendy candles that you can make with candle making supplies from Candlewic.

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