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Additives for Candles FAQs


Q: Are any additives needed to make a wax mottle?

A: If the proper wax is used no other additives should be used to make a candle mottle and in fact most additives will impede the wax from mottling. Not all waxes will mottle and if it is "blended waxes" chances are that it has been designed to hold the fragrance and not mottle. The best waxes to use for mottled candles would be the 2530 for containers and the 3035H for votives and the 4045H for pillars.

Q: Can wax additives be used for natural candle waxes?

A: Yes, but be careful if promoting a natural candle they only use natural additives.  Vybar, palm stearic, beeswax, petro? 

Q: Can you use additives in blended waxes?

A: Yes,but that defeats the purpose of buying a blended candle.  Once additives are used, they enter uncharted territory and makes it more difficult for diagnosing any issues down the road. Good side is your candles will be different than other people using same blended candle wax.

Q: How do I stop the candle from sweating but still get mottling?

A: Getting a candle to mottle consistently without getting the scent to "bleed out" is a balance between using the correct amount of scent, the proper wax and how it can be improved with a wax additive. Our best recommendation would be to use the 4045H wax, about 4-5% fragrance, and about 1% Vybar 343 candle wax additive as the wax additive. For those not familiar Vybar 343, it is a recently introduced product that has been designed to assist in holding in the fragrance while still letting the mottling occur. Standard Vybar 103 candle wax additive and 260 candle wax additive were designed to eliminate the mottling. This new product has been very successful in this application.

Q: My candles seem to be fading. What causes this?

A: Candles that are subjected to sunlight or other lighting may fade in time. Darker colors and brilliant colors will occur more rapidly. It is recommend that you use a UV absorber to reduce the fading.

Q: What is the difference between all the Vybars?

A: The vybar 103 and Vybar 260 might be the most effective of any of the additives in the candle market. The Vybar 103 and 260 will eliminate the mottling from any wax even at small usage levels.

Generally, the Vybar 103 is used for Pillars and votives and the melt point on the Vybar 103 is much higher (160 degrees F) which can also assist in hardening the wax formula and increasing the "vibrancy" of the color. The Vybar 260 has a melt point of 128 degrees F and does not raise the melt point as much, which is desirable in container blends. The Vybar 343 has been designed to be used in mottling waxes to help hold the fragrance and still allow the candle to mottle.

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