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Glassware FAQs


Q: How do I reduce the air bubbles in my jars and pillars?

A: There are many cause of air bubbles in the candle. Some simple solutions would be to heat the container and/or pillar mold. Generally a dry heat such as a heat gun or heat lamp should be sufficient, the objective is to take the chill and/or moisture out of the container. You may also want to pour your wax at a slightly higher temperature, for safety reason it is imperative not to pour too hot (not above 205 F). You may also want to slightly increase your mico or vybar usage. Finally you may want to slow down when pouring the wax into the container, splashing of the wax should be kept to a minimum.

2 Responses to "Glassware FAQs"

shawn wright

4:31 PM on February 8, 2017
How do you know what size wicks to use with your jar soy candles like soy-125

The Candlewic Company

3:56 PM on May 22, 2017
Wick sizing is always the biggest challenge to making candles. The type and melt point of the wax you are using, the diameter of the finished candle and even the color/fragrance can be a variable in determining the proper wick. Using the proper wick will reduce the smoking, sooting and other negative properties of the candle burning.  The charts on our Candle Wicks Offered page can serve as a starting point to determine which wick will work properly in your application.  In addition, the Advice on Selecting a Candle Wick article in our Newsletter can also help you choose the proper wick.
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