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Kits for Candles FAQ


Q: I Have never made a candle.  Should I start with a kit or purchase the materials separately?

A: The best answer we can provide is it depends on where you going to take your "candle making" experience. If you know it is a one time deal then a kit is sometimes the best starting point. They have, for the most part, everything you need and you do not have to piece meal the items. In addition you do not have to purchase extra material that you may not need. For example, when purchasing rolls of wick, the 8 ounce roll is generally the smallest one we have available. This will make quite a few candles and if you know you are not making any more candles then you will have surplus material. The kit has generally enough material to make exactly what the kit contains. The problem with the kit is that the fragrances and colors have already been pre-selected. They are always popular fragrance/color combinations but it can take out the "customization" many people like to have when making homemade crafts.

Purchasing individual items can allow you to purchase the exact colors and fragrance you need but you must also then select the proper wax, wick size and the other items you will need to make the candles you desire. If only making 1, 2 or 3 candles then we would recommend purchasing the kits and maybe adding a couple of small bottles of the specific fragrance you want.

No matter which way you chose it will be a fun and rewarding experience. Candles make great gifts for friends, neighbors, co-workers and teachers.

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