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Scents and Fragrances FAQ


Q: How much fragrance should I add to my candle?

A: The answer you would think should be straightforward but, unfortunately, that is not the case. The answer is totally dependent on many variable factors: the type of candle being made, the fragrance selection and the wax formulation.

One of the most common recommendations is to use 1 ounce of fragrance for each pound of wax. In some instances if you're using our Ultimate Scents or our Cinnamon and Mulberry, you may be able to use less. Scent that are floral or fruit based like lemon may require a little more.

You should also test each of your fragrances with your wax formulation.

One important note with fragrances is there is such a thing as diminishing returns. That means you may get the same scent throw with the fragrance if you add 7% as you do if you use 9%.

Q: What is your best fragrance?

A: That is an extremely tough one to answer and is similar to asking a child what’s their favorite candy. I love all of our fragrances and each and every one of them is carefully selected to ensure they meet our customers' requirements.

We evaluate color and fragrance trends to ensure we have products that meet our customers’ targeted audience. There are several “major” high-end retailers that “drive” the fragrance market trends and we always monitor what they are doing.

What’s interesting is, when you look at the best sellers they always come back to the basics; cinnamon, vanilla, red apple peel. So, when someone asks me what’s our best fragrance, I find it best to list our top 10 best sellers:

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