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Wax for Candles FAQs


Q: Am I able to mix some any of the natural waxes with the paraffin waxes?

A: Both Soy and Palm will work effectively with paraffin waxes. In fact many are probably aware our CBL-130 is a blend of paraffin wax, soy and other carefully selected components.

There are a number of reasons you may wish to consider this alternative. Soy is a very low shrinkage product and by adding Soy to paraffin you can reduce the amount of shrinkage in your container. The “natural” aspect of this wax is growing in customer awareness and with the right percentage you can market these candles as having natural wax as one of the ingredients.

If you have worked with soy and are not pleased with the scent throw, adding paraffin to the formulation can help with improve that. The final unfortunate reality is that paraffin wax continues to increase in price where soy has been relatively stable. Using soy as one of the components can help soften the price increases. (Note: the price of soy is not guaranteed to be stable forever either).

For all of the above reasons many candle makers are making Palm and Soy part of their formulation.

Q: What type of candle wax should I use for different types of candles?

A: We have spent a lot of time around waxes and would like to offer general suggestions or comments on the various candle waxes that are available. These are just some general observations and are by no means intended to imply that other waxes are wrong for the application. One of the truly unique features of candle making is that every candle maker has his or her own propriety blend.


The J-50 blended candle wax continues to be the most popular choice. This "low shrinkage" candle wax is a blend that will produce containers with a creamy look and is capable of holding a large amount of scent. For a mottled container we would highly recommend the 2530H paraffin candle wax. For a straight paraffin the CF is the best with about ½ - 1% Vybar 260 candle wax additives.


The CBL-141 Pillar/Votive Candles candle wax is one of the best on the market.  For mottled pillars nothing is better than the 4045H melt point candle wax.

Natural Wax Candles: Containers

Soy 125 candle wax is the most cost effective soy and is capable of holding about a 5% scent load.

NaturalWax Candles: Pillars

The PS natural candle wax will work best for pillars. It is important to note that no other Soy candle waxes should be blended with this product. The Yellow beeswax candle wax is also a very good choice.

SpecialEffect Candle Wax

The F natural candle wax is by far our favorite.

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