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Soap Making FAQs


Q: What is so essential about Essential Oils?

A: Now that Candlewic offers essential oils, many people ask me what are they, and why would somebody need to use them. Essential oils are oils that have been extracted from various species of flowers, fruits, herbs, and plants. Many people consider essential oil from plants, herbs and flowers as a very precious substance, because the oil is an easy to use way to get the essence of a particular plant without having to process the plant your self. Essential oils are used in infinite ways by many different cultures around the world. Depending on the type of oil, there are many medicinal, therapeutic,and homeopathic uses for oils.

Candlewic's line of essential oils is ideal for making truly natural soaps and candles. When using the essential oils in your candle making and soap making, be sure you communicate to your customers that essential oils were used so customers realize why they may be paying a premium for your product. Other uses for essential oils include aromatherapy diffusers, potpourris, a few drops added straight into bath water or Jacuzzi water, massage oils (mix roughly 10-20 drops of oil to 1 ounce of pure vegetable oil), and creating your own perfume (15-25 drops of an essential oil to 1 ounce of water in a mist spray bottle). The list is endless.

Q: Why are Essential Oils so expensive?

A: ​Essential oils are pure and natural – they are not synthetically made in a laboratory. Depending on the plant and extraction process, it takes a lot of plant matter to make a small amount of oil. For example, it takes roughly 200 pounds of lavender flowers to produce 1 pound of lavender oil. That is 200 pounds of lavender flowers that could be used for all sorts of other uses such as teas, pillows, and soap additives besides oil extraction. When you buy one pound of essential oil, you are actually purchasing 200 pounds of lavender – but without having to extract the oil yourself.

6 Responses to "Soap Making FAQs"

joe tonos

4:30 PM on February 5, 2017
in using lavender essential scent in soap do you need to reduce the strength ?

The Candlewic Company

3:54 PM on February 6, 2017
Yes, you definitely do not need to add much Essential oil to any soap.

joe tonos

5:46 PM on February 8, 2017
can candles and soap use the same kind of essential oil ?

The Candlewic Company

4:02 PM on February 10, 2017
Yes, the same essential oils can be used.

Christina Lewis

12:41 AM on February 19, 2017
Why are there no tips or how to on using your liquid bases? I bought two of your products and have yet to find out ANYTHING about directions on how to use them. A little HELP would be greatly appreciated.

The Candlewic Company

4:05 PM on May 22, 2017
So sorry, and if you would be kind enough to email us at we can send you some sheets.
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