How to Make Pillar Candles

Step 1: Choosing the Proper Wax

There is no need for additives to the 3 waxes mentioned below.

AstroLite Pillar Wax OK-6228
Is a specialty blended wax designed to produce candles with vibrant colors and a glossy finish.

Votive/Pillar Blend Wax CBL-141
A quality, consistent blended wax designed to hold large amounts of fragrance and easy release from molds. 

143 Melt Point Wax 4045 H 
This is a great wax to use when you want to make mottled candles.

Step 2: Selecting Scents

When making paraffin candles, any one of the 160 fragrances we offer is suitable including ultimate scents, standard fragrances, and our various scents on sale. For a good scented candle a 5% fragrance usage level is recommended. A 5% usage works out to about 1 ounce per pound of wax. If purchasing one case of wax you may want to consider up to 2 ½ - 3 pounds of scent.

Step 3: Coloring Your Candle

For smaller batches and color consistency the color buttons are the way to go. There are many tremendous colors including white and black.

Step 4: Working With Wicks

There are many things that go into sizing the wick including the wax you select, how much scent and even color. The flat braided wicks generally work best with Pillar Candles.

2" Diameter
3" Diameter4" Diameter
OK-6228 or
18 Ply or 
21 Ply
24 Ply or 
27 Ply
30 Ply or 
36 Ply
4045 H15 Ply or 
21 Ply
21 Ply or 
24 Ply
24 Ply or 
27 Ply

Step 5: Shaping Up With Molds

The selection of candle molds is extensive and allows different shapes and sizes to be made. Mold types including aluminum, polycarbonate and polyurethane. The type of candle you desire to make will dictate which molds to use.

Aluminum Candle Molds
Great for standard round, square, Octagon and the new, exciting Oval.

Designer Candle Molds
Made of quality polycarbonate, these molds are great to use for unique and geometric shaped candles. Polycarbonate molds will generally enhance the gloss of the candle.

Polyurethane Candle Molds
These molds are used when you want to make special shapes such as Apples, Oranges, Bee Hives and other designs. The most popular mold in this design is the Rose Floater and the Tea Light Mat

Step 6: Make Your Candle!

Making your own candles can be exciting, but don't forget to gather all the materials and tools you'll need to get started!

Pouring Pots
These are needed to take your liquid wax and pour into your molds or containers.

No candle shop can be without this important tool.

Wick Bar (needed only with aluminum molds)
This bar is used to secure the wick on top of the mold

Rubber Plugs (needed only with aluminum molds)
Great for sealing the bottom of the mold.

Mold Release
This silicon-based mold release should be poured into any type of mold to make it easier to get the finished candle out of the mold.

A good book will serve as a reference tool as well as including safety precautions.

Remember follow all Safety Guidelines and General Instructions to create the best candles possible.