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4 Responses to "Candle Making Tips"

Helen Baca

1:25 AM on December 19, 2016
How do you stop the wax from sinking around the wick?

The Candlewic Company

1:48 PM on May 22, 2017
All waxes will have some level of shrinkage. The best thing to do is lower the pouring temperature. This can help some level of shrinkage, but, if using a paraffin wax, it will always shrink. Then you have to either top off or back fill.

Dave S.

3:40 PM on October 27, 2017
Hi. Want to make a candle that 'bleeds' red when melting. I want to use soy wax. It's a skull mold that I want the outer 'shell' white soy wax and the center be filled red so it seeps blood-like when melting. Can't figure out how to pour the wax in the center without melting the outer shell. Do you any techniques to doing this process? Thank you.
-Dave S.

The Candlewic Company

8:57 AM on November 2, 2017
Hi Dave,

To be honest, soy will not be very effective for this application. The soy wax is much too brittle and has too low of a melt point for that application. I believe most people are making this by pouring red wax into the skull mold, and when finished, dipping it in a wax that is white several times.

Thank you!
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