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November 01, 2001

Making a Chunk Candle

The En-Light-ener
Candle Making Newsletter

"The En-Light-ener" November 2001
Candle Making Newsletter

Welcome to the En-light-ener, Candlewic's newsletter for the candle making community.

It is hard to believe that we are drawing to the end of the year. While many people and companies are still trying to finish the holiday rush for the next 2-3 weeks it is also an important time of year for companies to begin an overall evaluation of their company. This evaluation should include production requirements, product mix and markets. Many companies ask questions such as, “Do we have sufficient wax melters for our requirements? “Do we have sufficient quantities of molds to meet production requirements?” and “What new products should we introduce for the new year?” End of the year capital purchases can also make for good tax planning. You may wish to consult your accountant to determine what may make good business sense for your needs. If you are interested in any of these products, use this link to visit our online store:

We have covered a wide range of topics both in terms of production of candles and how to run a candle business. We encourage you to visit our past issues, which can be found on our web site. A number of exciting contest have been held in which we have given away hundreds of dollars in products. Our October contest winner won a credit for $113.14 in Candlewic product. This month’s contest may prove to be the “funnest” one yet. Sometime between the receipt of this newsletter and the next issue we will publish a picture of a partridge in a pear tree somewhere on our website. The first customer who emails us with the exact location of this picture will receive a credit. See complete contest details at the end of this newsletter.

The types of candles that can be made are almost infinite and dependent on the candle maker’s imagination. Many of today’s candles were also very popular years ago. Two good examples would be chunk candles and botanical candles. We will focus on making chunk candles in this newsletter and we will discuss botanical candles in the next issue.

The making of chunk candles is relatively easy and allows the candle maker to use excess wax from other production runs in a very productive manner.

To start, pour excess wax from previous candles or new wax of different colors into a bakers tray or cookie sheet. Prior to letting the wax completely harden, take a knife and cut the sheet into square or other unique shapes. These chunks can be scented or unscented. (For a uniquely scented candle try using different types of scents in these candles.) Using different scents will allow these candles to “emit” different smells during the burning cycle.

When the chunks are completely hard remove them from the sheets and place in any type of pillar mold. Common mold sizes would include 3 x 6-1/2, 3 x 9-1/2 and 4 x 4-1/2. Once the chunks have been placed in the mold, take a pillar wax (scented or unscented) and pour over the chunks. When the candle is completely set up, remove the pillar from the mold.

For variations in the basic chunk candle, try some of the following variations:
1. Once the chunks are placed in the mold, pour your pillar wax at a higher temperature, which will cause the chunks to streak and create a unique look.
2. Try using different types of molds such as octagons, squares and other unusual shapes.
3. Try making chunk candles in a jar. For best results make the chunks out of wax with a lower melt point wax.

What makes the chunk candle so unique is the endless possibilities that can be made with the same basic concept. The making of the chunks also make for a great use of your scrap wax.

Is there a good book for learning to make candles?

What is so appealing about making candles is that there really is not a wrong or right way as long as the end result is safe burning candle. Candlewic now offers a good book entitled “Essentially Candles” to assist in the basics of candle making. The book covers a wide range of topics including, containers, pillars, making gel candles and even unique applications for wax art crystals.
For more information or to purchase this book, use this link:

I always seem to have a little extra wax when pouring my candles what can I do with this?

There are several potential uses, as identified in this newsletter the chunks for chunk candles, if you have the proper molds you can make “scented wax chips” great for use in potpourri pots and also “fire starters” which have become very popular. The nice thing about wax is that it can be heated and re-heated many times with very little impact on its performance.

Exciting things are continuing to happen here at Candlewic as we enter our 33rd year of selling candle making supplies. We will be holding our first ever “Clearance Sale” at our Ottsville, PA location. This is a great opportunity to pick up a number of our products that have been slightly damaged, discontinued or that have been produced but for whatever reason never made it to market. Most products will be at least 50% off list price. Further, all waxes that we carry will be on sale for these two days (Must be picked up to receive special pricing.) Don’t miss this opportunity to see products that you may not even know existed. It will be a great opportunity to meet many of the Staff that you may have talked to in the past and the Binders will be there throughout most of the day.

We will also be holding our last class of 2001 on December 27 and December 28. Space is limited so sign up early. The cost of this class is $400 and covers 2 days of intensive candle making instruction and all materials needed to make about $100 (retail value) of candles. For more information call 610-847-2076 or e-mail us at

1. At some point during the next 30 days, an image of a partridge in a pear tree will be added to the Candlewic web site.
2. To enter the contest, individuals must send an e-mail to and identify the exact page where the image appears.
3. All entries must include your name, company name (if any) complete address, phone number and e-mail address.
4. The first e-mail received that correctly identifies the location of the image will be the winning entry. That individual will receive a $100 Candlewic credit.
5. The date and time on the received e-mail will be used to determine the winner.
6. A second place prize of $50 Candlewic credit will be awarded by selecting name from all valid entries through a random drawing.
7. No purchase necessary.



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