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2002 En-Light-Eners


Chandler's Corner

December 01, 2002 | 2002 En-Light-Eners

I wish to thank everyone who has sent me emails of encouragement on appointment to the position of Assistant for Candle Making Education (ASCME). My primary goal is to assist Candle Makers of all sizes in learning how to improve the way they make candles. If you look on our website, I have a very large selection to assist beginners to learn everything they need to know about candle making. However, I can also assist the larger manufacturer to improve in any area they desire. Read More

Candle Making as a Second Language

November 01, 2002 | 2002 En-Light-Eners

In the last issue we started a new feature entitled "Candle Making as a Second Language". We will continue with this theme in this edition. In future issues, this will become a regular feature. Read More

Candle Making as a Second Language

October 01, 2002 | 2002 En-Light-Eners

In this issue we would like to focus on candle making as a “second language.” For many people making candles requires learning new terminology. Learning the terms and definitions and simplifying their meaning can make candle making a little easier to understand. In the upcoming issues of The Enlightner we would like to provide explanations to many of the terms and phrases which are commonly used by Technical Staff, chat lines and reference materials. These are definitions you probably will not find in your latest Webster’s dictionary. Read More

Accessorizing Your Manufacturing

September 01, 2002 | 2002 En-Light-Eners

For hundreds of years the basic "art" of hand pouring candles remainded relatively unchanged. In simple terms making a candle involved melting wax, coloring, scenting and pouring into molds. Along the way, gradual changes were made in the process and in the industry such as pouring into glass containers, development of new types of molds and even pouring wax into sand to make candles. Read More

New Products!

August 01, 2002 | 2002 En-Light-Eners

You may hate to admit it, but summer will be drawing to a close soon, and it may be time to get serious about making candles for the fall season. This summer our staff at Candlewic has been busy finalizing many new and exciting products none more exciting than the Clear Pillar Candle wax, be sure to check out the update included in this newsletter. We also have introduced many new products, which are intended to make your process easier and provide the ability to offer new types and looks in your candles. In this issue we would like to focus on these new products and how they can help you. Read More

Candle Making: Back to the Basics

June 01, 2002 | 2002 En-Light-Eners

It is now officially summer and the time of year when some candle companies slow down for a few months. However, many other candle companies that do the craft shows, festivals and fairs are coming into the heart of the season. We hope that everyone has safe and enjoyable summer. Our staff here at Candlewic is very busy finalizing some new products, glassware and fragrances to assist you in growing your business throughout the course of the year. Read More

Wax 101 Part 3: Natural Wax

April 01, 2002 | 2002 En-Light-Eners

The candle market always seems to have new and exciting products in the forefront of the gift market. It is exciting to be associated with this type of industry, which always seems to be expanding in the marketplace. As we discussed in past issues of the En-light-ner, candles in many instances have expanded well beyond their traditional marketplaces. It is not unusual to now find candles in hardware stores, tobacco shops and beauty salons. These are venues that 5 and 10 years ago had very limited offerings or none at all. Read More

Wax 101 Part 2: Gel Wax

March 01, 2002 | 2002 En-Light-Eners

As always we truly appreciate the time people have taken to read and respond to our newsletter. We feel this is an important part of our business, keeping our customers informed about developments in the Candle Industry and new candle projects. For those who are new to our group, you may want to take the time to review the past issues of our En-Light-ener, which can be found on our website. Over the past year we have covered a wide range of exciting topics relating to candle making. Read More

Wax 101 Part 1: An Overview

February 01, 2002 | 2002 En-Light-Eners

As the old cliché goes, Spring is definitely in the air, and it is time to start thinking about Candles for those special occasions such as Easter, Mother's Day and even the Summer craft show circuit, which is just around the corner. We truly appreciate all the comments we have received regarding our website and newsletter. It is always encouraging when people take the time to read our publications. We have tried to keep this newsletter informative for candle makers at all levels. This will be the first in a series of articles entitled WAX 101. We will be covering a wide range of issues related to wax including paraffin waxes, natural waxes and all of the subjects in between. While some of these topics can become very technical in nature, we will keep the "chemistry" out of the equation. Read More

Make Something Fun for the Winter

January 05, 2002 | 2002 En-Light-Eners

For those in our colder climate, you may appreciate this fun project. Start by taking three ball candles of different sizes, and pile them in snowman form. Fill the gaps that will be created with whipped wax. (See March 2001 newsletter for details on whipping wax if necessary). Read More

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