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January 05, 2002

Make Something Fun for the Winter


"The En-Light-ener" January 2002
Candle Making Newsletter

For Candlewic, 2001 was a year of challenge and growth in response to the needs of our customers. Our new website and on-line store premiered in September, which allowed us to be available on a 24/7 schedule. At any time of the day or night, you can order products, send e-mails and review technical information. It's a continual challenge to meet the needs of candle makers and our website has been a tremendous asset.

In August 2001, Candlewic doubled the size of its offices, manufacturing and warehouse space. This serious effort to meet the demands of our customers allowed us to increase our stocked merchandise and give the speedy delivery everyone has come to rely upon from Candlewic. With our new website, our larger warehouse and of course, our commitment to new products, Candlewic looks forward to working with you in 2002 and beyond. Thank you.


For those in our colder climate, you may appreciate this fun project.
Start by taking three ball candles of different sizes, and pile them in snowman form. Fill the gaps that will be created with whipped wax. (See March 2001 newsletter for details on whipping wax if necessary).

The snowman now begins to take shape. This is where the fun can begin. You can decorate the head with a cap and nose using the same whip wax. You can color this with any color. Next, take extra wax and pour it into a cookie sheet. Then cut out the snowman's eyes, mouth, scarf and mittens. These extras can be attached to the snowman using pins. For best result, heat the pins to prevent the candle from cracking.

The fun thing about this project is that the snowman can be as fancy or as simple as you desire.

We receive a question similar to this several times a week: "Hi. I want to make candles. Tell me what to do."

Our answer to this question is different than most because before we can make recommendations, the questioner needs to answer some things on their own and do some general homework first. We suggest you do the following first:

1. Decide what type of candle you would like to make. For example, waxes used in pillars are different than waxes used in container fills. This also applies to the type of wick that will be needed, etc.
2. Decide if this will be a hobby or a business. The quantities needed will vary greatly depending on your plans.
3. Determine where you will make your candles. If you decide that the place will be your kitchen, make sure you can properly protect the area because you will spill and drip wax.
4. Purchase a book that describes in detail all the safety rules needed in order to make a candle safely.

Q: When I pour my gel I sometimes will get clouding, what can cause this?

A: The clouding of the gel can come from several different sources. It could be from the wax coating used on the pre-wick assembly, or some fragrances--even though gel compatible--can cause the gel to cloud. Finally, if you are using wax inserts they can melt, causing the gel to cloud. There are several ways to reduce the clouding. One is to use the highest temperature coating on your pre-wick assembly. (Candlewic uses one that is over 210 F.) Other ways to reduce clouding include making sure your fragrances are as clear as possible and trying a wax that has a higher melt point for the wax inserts.

New Products...
As you have come to expect, Candlewic continuously adds new items to its line of candle making products. Already introduced but always expanding in available colors, our new Color Buttons have proven to be a big hit. Seven colors are now available with more on the way. Other new items include Books, Gel Wax Inserts and Ultimate Fragrances. Many new and exciting products will be introduced in 2002 including some waxes. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any requests.

It is a new year, so it doesn't hurt to remind everyone to think safety first when making candles. There are many safety rules to follow; here are a few.
1. REMEMBER, paraffin wax and gel wax are different and each have their own rules to follow.
2. ALWAYS use an accurate thermometer.
3. NEVER leave wax unattended while it is on a heat source.
4. NEVER leave wax unattended around children.
5. ALWAYS have the proper fire extinguisher available.
6. NEVER throw water on a wax fire.
7. ALWAYS know your pouring temperatures.

Fast Facts
The burn rate is how much wax is consumed based on the initial candle weight minus final weight dived by time burned. While it is impossible to make any initial determinations from the burn rate this figure is important when matching wicks or when determining what size wick to test.

Clearance Sale Update
We are also very happy to report that our first-ever warehouse clearance sale was a huge success. The event ran for three days at the end of December 2001. Many participants traveled 3-4 hours to experience the savings and went home "happy campers." For us, it was a wonderful way to meet and talk with many people, discussing candle making ideas as well as techniques.

Spring 2002
Clearance Sale

The feedback we received was so positive that we have decided to have a Spring Open House in April. However, this time it will be held for one day only, on Sunday, April 7, 2002. And, it will be combined with a Beginners Candle Making Class. Please check our website for further details. The class will be limited in size, so call now to sign up early. If demand is large enough, several classes may be offered.

Winners Announced
There were three winners from the drawing at the December clearance sale, one from each day. Each person will receive a starter kit of aluminum candle making molds. The winners are Shelly Melso, Frank Cangialosi and Becky Peterson.

We love to hear from you, so keep sending those e-mails with suggestions and ideas. We will try to answer everyone as soon as possible.


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