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August 01, 2002

New Products!


"The En-Light-ener"
Candle Making Newsletter

Welcome to the En-light-ener, Candlewic's newsletter for the candle making community.

You may hate to admit it, but summer will be drawing to a close soon, and it may be time to get serious about making candles for the fall season. This summer our staff at Candlewic has been busy finalizing many new and exciting products none more exciting than the Clear Pillar Candle wax, be sure to check out the update included in this newsletter. We also have introduced many new products, which are intended to make your process easier and provide the ability to offer new types and looks in your candles. In this issue we would like to focus on these new products and how they can help you.

New Products!
One new addition to our product line will be a "clear candle base system" for use in containers. This new patented product allows you to make container/jar candles that will not have any air bubbles in the candle, linear release of fragrance for added longevity, great scent retention (best results achieved with 5-6%) and low processing temperatures (170 F- 190 F). The product is called a system because a select group of fragrances must be used to make candles. We expect to begin offering this product with about 10-12 fragrances, which should be available on or about August 12, 2002. We will be offering this product at a special introductory offer of $1.90 per pound in 35 pound pails and $1.80 per pound in 360 pound drums.

This new and exciting product offers a unique opportunity to make scenes, embeds and designs without any type of air bubbles. In addition, when used with the Clear Pillar Wax, embeds can be made that are translucent and part of the candle. See update for information related to this topic.

We also have introduced several new exciting waxes to assist you in your candle making endeavors. These new waxes include:

  • J-300 A speciality wax designed for use in jars/containers to make "layered" candles. The formulation allows for multiple layers of colors/scents with no bleading.
  • V Wax This speciality formulated wax has been designed to make votive candles without having to top off.
  • G Wax Is an all natural "design" wax which creates a finish to the candle with a granite look.
  • 4045 H We continue to receive very high praise for this new "mottling" wax. This product is also a very good all around wax for general pillars and novelties. The price on this wax makes it hard to pass up.

For more specific information and pricing on each of these waxes be sure to check out our website. Don't miss the special pricing for the next 30 days is available on the J-300, V wax and G.

Glue Dots Save Time
One of the newer products we have to offer are the glue dots. These new dots about the size of a nickel help hold your wick base in the center of the candle. These new easy-to-use dots eliminate the need for glue guns and sticky messes using glue sticks.

Heat Gun
One of the most important processes in candle making is pre-heating either your mold, glass jar, tin or other container. We know off a heat gun that makes this process much easier. This industrial designed unit is great for candle makers of all sizes.

New Wax Inserts
With the fall season approaching we now offer a miniature pumpkin insert. They're great for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Cinnamon Roll Mold
This new and exciting polyurethane mold simplifies the making of the cinnamon roll candles. No more rolling of the candle of wax and other time consuming task. Now you can pour the candle directly into the shape of cinnamon roll. Groves have been designed into the mold to fill in with brown wax or white wax (to resemble glaze) or with dark brown to highlight the cinnamon. The sides of the mold have "mild" lines to make the candle look more realistic.

And as always, we offer new and imaginative fragrances such as Peach Preserve, Awapuhi Seaberry, Coconut milk among many others.

One of our feelings about the Candle Market is that it is important to explore new and innovative products to continue to expand your product mix.

Clear Pillar Wax Update
We are close to finalizing the gloss coating for this new wax, which will be necessary for candles that require a smooth surface. We are awaiting results of the various tests and hope to have an official availability date soon. One side note is that the product is currently available for limited applications such as translucent chunks, embeds and even candles that have a rough texture. If you would like to use the product for this application please contact us. The product would be available in 1-pound blocks for $3.60 a pound.

It is imperative that we point out that the gloss coating will improve the shine of the candle. If you work with this product during this process, the results will change when the coating is applied. The earlier you start working with the product the better off you will be to determine if it is suitable for your application. This is a new product and such we recommend you do thorough testing on any proposed application with this product.


August 2002

Cinnamon Roll Candles
Candles and or scents that employ a "home or kitchen" theme always do very well in the market place. Fragrances such as Apple Pie, Sugar Cookie, Banana Nut Bread and Chocolate chip are always good selling fragrances in all types of candles. Actual candles that use the kitchen theme such as the Cake Candle©, the pies and now the Cinnamon bun or roll are always very good selling candles.

The cinnamon roll can now be made much easier with a new mold (M-406) available from Candlewic. To begin, wick the Polyurethane mold with the appropriate wick. Depending on your scent load, we would recommend you try either the 24 Ply or 27 Ply. Be sure to leave extra length of wick on the bottom to make it easier for your next candle. (When you pull the candle out of the mold you will be wicking the candle for the next pour).

For this candle, we would suggest you take the CBL-141 wax and heat up to around 185-195 F. Then add your desired amount of brown color (Brown Color Buttons CB-7) add anywhere from 4-7% of our Cinnamon Bun Scent (S-85).

Pour your wax and wait for the candle to set up, you will have to top off the candle as well. When the candle is removed from mold take a syringe or small spoon and fill in cavities on the top of the candle (not to top) with a darker formulation of the brown CBL-141 color. This offers a nice contrast. The next step is to dye some CBL-141 white using the White Color Buttons (CB-12) and apply a coating of this wax to the top and sides as if applying icing to a real cinnamon bun. After these steps are completed, smooth off the bottom on a hot plate.

The result of this candle may be so astounding that you may have to place a large warning notice "Not Edible!"



I use the polyurethane molds and always have trouble wicking the mold. What can I do?

The wicking of the polyurethane molds can be a little "tricky" for the first time. The best way to wick this mold would be to push the wick through carefully with a knitting needle or other similar object. The true secret is that you want to leave a lot of extra wick at the bottom so when you pull the candle out the mold is already wicked for the next pour.

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