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2003 En-Light-Eners


A Special Holiday Message

December 01, 2003 | 2003 En-Light-Eners

We would like to take a moment out of this very busy time of year to thank all of our loyal customers for your continued patronage. This is not just another canned holiday message. We are truly sincere in expressing our thanks. We have helped countless successful candle makers get through challenges over the last few decades, and we are thankful for you sticking with us through thick and thin. We are also very thankful for all the new faces that gave us a try for the first time this year. Read More

How Much Is Enough?

November 01, 2003 | 2003 En-Light-Eners

Every candle maker has struggled with the difficult decision on deciding how many different candles and accessories to offer in his or her product line. In fact, research by the National Candle Association suggests that larger U.S. candle manufacturers will typically offer between 1,000 and 2,000 varieties in their candle lines. If you have ever wrestled with this decision in your operation or if your business is currently growing, this article may be just for you. Read More

Marketing Traditional Candles in Not-So-Traditional Venues

October 01, 2003 | 2003 En-Light-Eners

Some candle makers create candles that are truly unique and so different, that they can command a higher price and sell them successfully through smaller venues. Other candle makers are successful by creating economies of volume and distribute their candles through large distribution networks. Others find a niche and successfully create candles that may only be desired by members of that niche. No matter how you are currently selling your candles, there is always that question in the back of your mind, “Who else would want to buy one of my candles?” Read More

Don't Judge a Book By Its Label

September 01, 2003 | 2003 En-Light-Eners

The old adage may ring true for books, but it is quite the contrary when it comes to labeling candles for retail sale. There is a lot more to a candle’s label than meets the eye. Aside from burning quality, the label is the one chance that a candle maker has to communicate with the purchaser or the end user of the candle. Although it may not cost much, the label is a very important aspect, and actually has a lot going on within that tiny piece of real estate on your finished product. It is a place for branding your candle, announcing features and benefits, safety instructions, information pertaining to flavor and size, UPC codes, contact information about the candle maker, website, and anything else that helps sell candles. Read More

Palm Wax - Calm Yet So Exciting

August 01, 2003 | 2003 En-Light-Eners

By now, just about every candle maker has seen or heard some sort of buzz about the palm wax and its many benefits to both the professional candle maker and the hobbyist. We get many calls each day requesting information about our palm wax, so we figured it is time to trumpet our knowledge to everybody. Over the last 30 years we have introduced many developments to the candle world, but none have impacted the industry as the explosion of natural waxes within the last 5 years. Read More

Sunscreen For Your Candles

July 01, 2003 | 2003 En-Light-Eners

As the warm summer sun ushers in the fun days of outdoor activities and bright warm days, candle makers everywhere are out and about selling their candles. Unfortunately the same sun, which brings us the beautiful days of summer, also causes havoc on our candles. Candle makers everywhere are forced to hide their beautiful masterpieces in an effort to keep their candles from fading or melting in the warm heat. There are a few simple tips and additives that can help protect your candles from the damaging rays from the sun, resulting in an increased shelf life as well as raise your candle’s marketability as a premium product. Read More

Which Wick?

June 01, 2003 | 2003 En-Light-Eners

Regardless of your level of experience in candle making, you still might ask, "Am I using the right wick?" Even veteran candle makers evaluate this question from time to time. The "performance" of the candle will be greatly influenced by your ability to select the proper wick for each type of candle that you make. Read More

WIN (What Is New)

May 01, 2003 | 2003 En-Light-Eners

The natural wax market place continues to thrive. Those who have worked with the product know that the ease of use, the low shrinkage and adhesion to the container make this wax suitable for any candle company. If you currently make paraffin candles, the dyes, scents and melters can all be the same as you presently use. Read More

From Tax Time to Wax Time

April 01, 2003 | 2003 En-Light-Eners

It seems that every year the number of waxes to choose from becomes more expansive. These days the candle maker has an infinite amount of choices to make when starting out or even looking at a new wax. During the selection process a basic decision has to be made between paraffin waxes, natural wax, “hybrid waxes” and even gels. Read More

Selling and Marketing Candles...Revisited

March 01, 2003 | 2003 En-Light-Eners

In reviewing the success of the En-Light-ener we have always felt that addressing the timely issues is what is most important to our readers. With retail sales virtually flat we felt it may be an important time to bring back one of our most successful articles that involved Selling and Marketing candles. This article was the first in a series of three, which was published in June of 2001. The issues actually may even be more timely now then ever. Despite the focus on selling candles I think even the hobbyist/crafter can benefit by much of the information contained in this article. Read More

Sweat The Little Things

February 01, 2003 | 2003 En-Light-Eners

While a Realtor might say location, location and location is what sells a property, a Candle Maker would have to say temperature, temperature and temperature is what makes a good candle. While many other factors contribute to the quality of a finished candle, the importance of temperature cannot be overstated. Read More

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