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December 01, 2003

A Special Holiday Message


A Special Holiday Message:
We would like to take a moment out of this very busy time of year to thank all of our loyal customers for your continued patronage. This is not just another canned holiday message. We are truly sincere in expressing our thanks. We have helped countless successful candle makers get through challenges over the last few decades, and we are thankful for you sticking with us through thick and thin. We are also very thankful for all the new faces that gave us a try for the first time this year. Our success was built on a model of fun and creativity through making candles. As we grow each year, we are presented with new challenges and appreciate all of the customers who have worked with us to turn challenges into opportunities for all involved. We welcome your input on how we can serve you better each year and we assure you that we have BIG plans for 2004.

Thank You – From all of us at Candlewic!

Looking Backward Before Moving Forward
2003 has been a very exciting year for us here at Candlewic. 2004 will be the most exciting yet. Candlewic is owned by the second generation of the Binder family, and the 2 brothers have devised a plan that will take Candlewic to new levels, surpassing all expectations of the company’s founders Bill and Betty Binder.

This is a great opportunity to recap some of the latest developments, techniques, and features from 2003. We assure you we have been working diligently in 2003 on building a foundation that will make 2004 special for all of our customers. We know how busy you are, so please look over this article and consider trying new products during your slower season.

Countless new products were introduced this year. We introduced the EVO dyes, which have little odor, intense colors, and are a touch thicker to help eliminate accidental over dying. Our natural waxes continue to grow in popularity. Candle Makers are realizing that natural waxes are a wonderful line extension to their quality paraffin candles. The palm waxes are truly unique and really starting

Palm waxes produce spectacular finishes on your candles
to increase in popularity. Who could forget the addition of soap supplies and essential oils as a direct response to requests by our customers? They have been well received and we will be expanding further into this category moving forward. We have added many new fragrances to our list but not as many as we would like. 2004 will bring many new fragrances, so be sure to check our fragrance section often. We have increased our huge selection of wicks to include the ECO series that is great for natural & paraffin waxes, and the PK series of flat braid wick that is great for pillars. I could go on and on listing the new designer molds, wick sticks,
Designer molds let you create unique candle products.
new jars, additives, and assorted items, but I think we all get the point that we are excited to offer new products and appreciate hearing your suggestions.


Our web site has taken on a whole new look as well. We have made it easy to navigate, added more information, and we provide many color pictures to help guide you through the ordering process. We feel strongly about protecting our customer information, so we do not allow outside advertising “pop-ups” that interfere with your visit. We do offer an affiliate program, but you will not be intruded upon while browsing our site. We offer the web site as a service to our customers and would love to hear back from you on how to improve it.

You may have noticed the newsletter has changed over the year as well. Starting with the July 2003 issue, we have refocused the contents to reflect a business perspective. We service candle makers of all sizes from the crafter to the large manufacturer. We try to include information that is useful for all, so let us know if there is anything we leave out.

Promotional discounts have become very popular among our customers in 2003. We are happy to offer our customers great deals on great products. We thank everybody who has been able to benefit from these offers, and for fulfilling our minimum purchase requirements in the spirit of the promotion.

Once again we thank everybody reading this for your patronage as 2003 winds down to an end. Please let us know how we can continue to serve you in new and better ways as we all move forward together as an industry. Together – the candle makers, the suppliers, the manufacturers and even our competition – we form one of the best industries on the planet, and we hold our head up high knowing we have contributed so much to the formation and growth of the industry while helping it get to where it is today.

Happy Holidays – from all of us at the Candlewic Company!


Hi! I'm Chandler!
I can help you
learn how to make candles.

Happy Holidays and the 6 P’s for getting through the busy season.

I know everybody is very busy at this time of year, but I want to thank everybody for his or her wonderful questions and comments this year. It is great to hear such creative questions. It proves to me that our customers are out there trying new recipes, techniques, and processes that push the industry forward. Keep them coming!

I am especially interested in hearing about questions involving seemingly large business challenges that are holding you back from obtaining the proverbial “next level” of business. Candlewic started as a hobby and grew to a company employing almost 50 employees, so we are very interested in helping you achieve the same levels of success.

This month’s question is in response to the overwhelming request on how to efficiently procure supplies at the best price.

Whether you realize it or not, procurement costs money. Every time you are ordering supplies, you are using valuable time that could be spent making and selling candles. The more often you order, the higher your yearly cost of goods will be. When approaching your business by following the 6 P’s, you will save yourself plenty of money. The 6P’s are “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.”

There are many tricks to applying the 6 P’s. By increasing your average order size and decreasing the amount of times you order, you save money on many levels. Shipping becomes cheaper for consolidated orders. When you look back at what supplies you have ordered the previous year, you can learn to consolidate your orders. It is cheaper to ship the same yearly amount of supplies in 10 shipments than shipping the same supplies over 20 shipments. This also allows you to take advantage of bulk discounts and helps insure you have enough supplies on hand to fulfill any possible order that comes through your door.

How do you pay for the new strategy of larger shipments but fewer orders? Take a good look at when your credit card statement is due and learn to order the day after. This gives you the full 30 days to make and sell your candles before the bill is due. This is a form of floating your money with no penalty. I also strongly recommend a credit card that earns you airline miles so all your purchases build points for free plane tickets toward a well-deserved vacation.


December 2003

Holiday Shipping Schedule.
Candlewic's year end inventory begins on Friday, December 26, 2003 and will end on Friday, January 2, 2004.
Any orders placed within this time period will not begin to ship until January 5, 2004. We encourage you to plan your year-end ordering accordingly so we can be sure to accommodate your needs. Thank you for your cooperation.

Icicles Frozen in Time.

Sometimes we offer projects that may not be a candle per say, but we put them out there in hopes it spurs a creative spark that can be used to create an entirely new candle. This month’s project is a great way to use up scrap wax and have fun using wax in an entirely untraditional way. By dipping icicles in hot wax, you are able to form a complete seal around the ice and save the icicle forever (in liquid form). You can attach an ornament hook or loop of wick to create a unique holiday decoration. It is a great gift to give to friends or family members who have moved to warmer climates as a way to remind them you are thinking about them. If you live in warmer climates, don’t fret. You can make your own ice shapes with
3-D polycarbonate
soap molds for dipping.

Please read the entire set of instructions before proceeding to ensure you do not ruin any of your equipment. Do not place ice in your wax-melter!


  • Scrap wax
    (preferably higher
    melt point)
  • Metal pan for holding wax
  • Icicle or
    frozen ice shape
  • Gloves and/or tongs
  • Ornament hook or wick for hanging


Step 1
Heat scrap wax and pour into a metal pan. Preferably a metal pan with low sides such as a pie plate or lasagna pan is optimal. Temperature is not real critical so stay within your regular pour temperature to start. I do not recommend dipping directly into your heater because if you drop it, it will sink and cause you problems later.

Step 2
Carefully obtain an icicle or frozen ice shape. Please be careful when obtaining icicles. Be sure that you are not standing under them when gathering. If you live in warmer climates, there has been success using 3-D polycarbonate soap molds filled 4/5’s full of water (to allow for expansion). I have not had a mold crack yet, but we cannot take responsibility if it were to happen. Please don’t use your favorite mold as a test!

Step 3
Using heat resistant gloves or tongs, carefully dip the ice half way into the liquid wax. The ice will instantly harden the wax around it. Quickly turn the ice around and dip the remaining portion to form a complete seal. After the ice is entirely covered in wax, you may dip it a few more times to build a thicker wall. When adding the final dips, incorporate a loop of wick or hook to allow for hanging.

Step 4
The ice will melt and you can hear it slosh around inside the wax.

If you have any special people in your lives that moved to warmer climates, they will be truly amazed that you captured an icicle and thought to send it to them. Make sure it is somebody special in your life, because people have been known to be touched by the winter memories and move back home!

Quick Facts:

It is very common that jars are named by their fluid capacity in ounces. In most cases this is not equal to weight of wax. The “16 oz” jars will not always equal to a full pound of wax and the candle maker does not always fill the jar to the same level as the jar was rated. As a rule of thumb, there are approximately 7 pounds of wax per fluid gallon depending on the type of wax. When doing your estimates, please allow for spillage and be sure to note at what level you fill your jars.

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