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August 01, 2004

Getting Ready for the Season


Getting Ready for the Season
As August ticks away, it is that time of year for us as candle makers to be serious about making candles for the busy holiday season. If you have not done so already, it is important to get your operation tuned and ready for the upcoming months. The fall and winter holidays provide many occasions to burn candles and you want to be ready for these occasions.

The first step is deciding how many candles you will be making. A good starting point for this is to look over your last few years of sales numbers and decide if you will be making more or less candles than the previous years. There is no crystal ball that can tell you how your year is going to shape up, but there are a few tell tale signs. For example, if you sell wholesale candles to retailers, it never hurts to pick up the phone and ask them how their stores are doing. If you sell your candles at craft fairs or outdoor markets you can compare this year's schedule with previous years' and make a decision based on the number of venues. Talk with other candle makers in your area and try to feel out the market place together.

Votive Mold with Votive Pin

Once you have a feeling for the amount of candles you may need, you will want to make sure you have enough resources and tools to meet the forecast. Over the last couple of years we have highlighted “new advancements” in the industry that help increase production. If you are making a larger quantity of votives, you may want to consider using votive pins for a perfectly centered wick every time, or have your wick assemblies made with 33 mm self centering clips that can be inserted directly into the votive mold.

You can help speed up pillar production with the use of pillar pins, which also provides for a perfectly straight wick every time. If you are making containers with a wax that is not single pour, a wick stick may be the perfect way to go for straight container wicks. One last thing that may be considered relatively new in terms of popularity, is blended wax. A low shrinkage container wax such as CBL-130 or CBL-125 helps to eliminate the need for a second pour. When making freestanding candles such as novelties or pillars, CBL-141 is perfect. The CBL-129 is just the right wax for containers AND votives with just one wax.


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How do I increase my sales in the fall season while I am waiting for the holiday season to start?

Hi, folks. I am always answering questions about increasing sales during the slower times of year, but this time let’s take a look at the fall season and discuss the option of fund raising. School is starting, which also means school fund raisers are starting as well. If your child’s class is looking for a unique way to make money, offer them a fund raising program that involves selling candles. All you have to do is put together a brochure for the children to use as a sales aid and get ready to make some candles. Fundraising is not only for children in school. You can create programs for bands, PTO, local social clubs, volunteer ambulance and fire corps, business clubs, fantasy football leagues, churches, foundations, sports leagues, and any other organization that is in need of some extra funding.

Company News:
Cardboard Recycling Program
Candlewic has initiated a cardboard recycling program for our surplus cardboard. All of our excess cardboard gets collected and reprocessed to be used in future paper fiber applications for countless industries. By recycling a large portion of our waste, we can feel confident we are preserving resources for future generations.

August 2004

Making votives with votive pins



Step 1
Insert votive pin into votive mold.

Step 2
Heat wax to 180 degrees F and stir in color.

Step 3
Let wax cool to desired pouring temp.

Step 4
Add 4% to 6% fragrance.

Step 5
Fill mold/pin with wax.

Step 6
Remove pin by carefully tapping.

Step 7
Insert wick assembly into candle.


Quick Facts:

"No-Melt" Techniques

If you are looking to make great looking candles without heating wax, you are in luck. You have two alternative options to make beautiful candles without the need of heating up wax. Beeswax sheets (on sale this month) and

granulated waxes are both great ways to make candles without melting wax. Both methods are great for kids and for places where heating wax is not possible (such as a campfire or an after dinner party activity).

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