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July 01, 2004

Oh My, The Good Ole' Days!


Oh My, The Good ole’ days!
Sometimes a good trip down memory lane puts life in perspective as we look toward the future. As we pack our offices, we are sorting through over 3 decades of Candlewic history, and we wanted to take a moment to share a retrospective that only years of experience can offer. We don’t want to come off as too arrogant, but when you have been in the game as long as we have, a feeling of pride and accomplishment can be expected.

It is very interesting to see an old Candlewic catalog from the 1970’s full of projects and supplies that we were carrying at the time. When you have been doing something for as long as we have, it is amazing to see how large of a knowledge base of trends, cycles, and techniques that builds up with time. This especially rings true for candles that were popular 20 or 30 years ago, yet are being touted as “new” to the industry now. One thing that is not in any of the old catalogs is gel. We can remember in the early 1990’s when we happened across our first gel candle that we purchased in a local drug store. Keep in mind that this is well before many other resellers were in business, so we were pleasantly surprised when we happened across this new exciting material.

We researched this new gel for a long time testing for safety, special wick coatings, suitable dyes, compatible fragrances and so on. Now we offer everything a candle maker needs to make these exciting “new” candles. It is very interesting for us to take a stroll down memory lane and look back at these historical perspectives to share with all of you. We encourage new or experienced candle makers alike to tap into our vast years of experience to solve your problems, or to share your own adventures in the wonderful world of candle making.

Moving Update:

We feel it important to keep everybody updated with the details of our move into the larger facility, so here are a few answers to our most frequently asked questions.

How far along is the move?
So far we have completely moved out of our old Doylestown facility. This includes our office personnel and our shipping department. Employees may not be totally settled with decorating their new “homes”, but the core business processes are up and running. By this point all customer pick-ups should be in the new facility (but please excuse the temporary moving clutter).

What is left?
We still need to move all our bulk storage and our production equipment from the Ottsville facility. It is too large of a job for our personnel, so we have contracted a company with cranes and large flatbeds to move the huge equipment in a timely manner. Remember, we are more than a mere reseller, so moving our manufacturing equipment is a very big task.

When is the moving Sale?
Due to the large amount of items we are clearing out, we have decided to make the moving sale a weeklong event. The dates are July 26th through the 30th.

When will the showroom be open?
The show room is something we have always felt bad about since we stopped it a few years back. The simple fact was we needed space and the show room was taken over by inventory. This new building has plenty of room, so we will slowly rebuild it along with a few other surprises. Our sole commitment is to focus on servicing our customers through the move, so it will be put on the back burner another month or two, but don’t worry, it is slowly taking shape as we go.

We would like to take a moment to thank all of our customers that have helped us to grow over the last three decades. We appreciate your patience in the short term as we move. Things are coming along smoothly and we’ll be 100% up and running well before the busy holiday season. If you have any concerns regarding the move, please contact our customer service personnel and they will help you immediately. Big things are happening and we are proud to service the industry that we have helped build over all these years.



Hi! I'm Chandler!
I can help you
learn how to make candles.

What May We Expect From the Moving Sale?

Everybody is wondering what exactly is going to be sold at the clearance sale? The answer is everything! We have pallets of wick assemblies, boxes and boxes of molds for as little as one dollar, discontinued scents, dyes, additives, waxes, and anything else you can imagine. Everything will be priced to at ridiculously low prices such as 1 or 2-dollar polyurethane molds, and wick assemblies as low as 2 dollars per thousand. Credit cards will be accepted for orders over 25 dollars. Bring your trailers, trucks, and vans because we have plenty of items for everybody!

July 2004

Golf Ball
in the Lake

You can put just about any non-flammable object into gel and make great looking candles for gifts. You can put nuts and bolts into gel for mechanics & handy men, put paperclips, tacks, and staples in gel for secretary’s day, or even put pennies in the gel to sell to banks or financial firms. This month’s project is for that special golfer in your life who may occasionally put a ball into a water hazard...


Gel or Clear Container Base
Wick Assembly
Binderthane Mold Making Kit
Clean Pebbles


Step 1
Step 1
Heat your gel or Clear Container Base.

Step 2
Insert your wick into the jar and lay pebbles to cover the bottom. You may need to coat the pebbles with mineral oil to decrease bubbles.

Step 3
Add a touch blue dye to the gel, or a small bit of lavender color wafer to the clear container base to simulate water.

Step 4
Use the mold making kit to make your own golf ball out of wax and insert into the jar.

Step 5
Pour the gel into the jar and you have a finished candle that looks like a golf ball on the bottom of a lake.

New Kid on the Block
We do not normally mention every new employee, but this time it is important to introduce everybody to Tara, our new customer service representative. We felt it necessary to announce her arrival because she will be in contact with many of you on a regular basis. Please welcome her aboard and help us out by placing using our part numbers when placing orders.

Quick Reminder
We get many requests for new color block and liquid dye colors. For those of you who have an outdated catalog, we do have new colors available in earth tones (which are hot this year). For color blocks, we have B-30 Rust Brown, B-31 Cream, B-32 Artic Blue, and B-33 Olive. For liquid dye, we have EVO-18 Rust Brown, EVO-19 Cream, EVO-20 Artic Blue, and EVO-21 Olive.


Quick Facts:

Paraffin Myths

We offer natural waxes and paraffin waxes, and both are great waxes. However, to this day, paraffin wax is still the most widely used wax in the industry for many reasons. It is NOT unsafe to use, and it can be easily modified to do whatever you need. This includes (but not limited to) deep rich colors, incredible scent compatibility, it can be easily modified for several different styles of candles using one wax, and is offered in an entire range of melt points to achieve truly spectacular candles that are new and exciting.

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