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2005 En-Light-Eners


Is It Really 2006?

December 01, 2005 | 2005 En-Light-Eners

On behalf of the Candlewic Company we truly wish to thank all of our customers who made 2005 a truly exciting and rewarding year. It seems every year goes faster than the previous and this year was no exception. We hope you found our newsletter informative and we have much more planned for 2006. We encourage questions, suggestions and anything else you would like to see included in the En-Light-ener. Read More

Special Holiday Edition

November 01, 2005 | 2005 En-Light-Eners

What better time than the upcoming holidays to experience the excitement of candle making. For those who make candles for a living this time of year is exciting as your product is very much in demand. If you are just learning to make candles, there is not a better gift than one that is hand-poured and can be shared with friends, relatives and co-workers. Read More

Tis The Season

October 01, 2005 | 2005 En-Light-Eners

For many people the change of seasons is such a beautiful experience in different areas of the country. Leaves changing color, mountains becoming snow covered and the ability to open windows in the evening for sleeping all have their special effects. However, for candle makers the change of season can create havoc and the need to change procedures. As many have learned, the procedures used to make candles are as important as the raw materials used. Read More

Mold Me

September 01, 2005 | 2005 En-Light-Eners

As a candle maker this is the most exciting time of the year. With fall and winter, comes holidays that are most suited for candles. What better gift to give your Thanksgiving host than an Apple Pie candle and what better way to thank a co-worker who enjoys the outdoors than with a Country Cloths Line candle. Regardless of the occasion, a candle can be a warm, inviting and intimate gift to anyone. Read More

The Trend of a Trend Network

August 01, 2005 | 2005 En-Light-Eners

What do toasters, window treatments and candles all have in common? They all rely very heavily on color trends. As we sit here today making candles for this fall there are many businesses and designers trying to determine what the “Hot Color Trends” are going to be in the year 2008 and beyond. Read More

Too Early?

July 01, 2005 | 2005 En-Light-Eners

If you are like me, thinking about the winter holidays when the weather outside is near 100 degrees is always a difficult proposition. Since fall is traditionally the busiest time in the candle and retail market, it is imperative that everything goes as smoothly as possible. You don’t want to lose out on any orders just because you are so busy. The challenge is always determining what will be selling and not selling each holiday season. Read More

Exploring a New Market Trend

June 01, 2005 | 2005 En-Light-Eners

One of the keys to success in candle making is continually offering new and interesting products. In past issues we identified that offering new fragrances, responding to color trends and offering new containers could accomplish this. In this issue, we will discuss a developing trend in the candle market -- new textures combined with shapes. Read More

Fragrancing is Fun!

May 01, 2005 | 2005 En-Light-Eners

What are Moonlight Path, Passionate Kisses and Cool Water? If you answered themes for this year’s Prom you may be asked by the host, "Is that still your final answer?" A trip out to review some of the larger candle retailers will tell you that these are actually names of some of the best-selling fragrances for candles. Read More

Which Wick Fits?

April 01, 2005 | 2005 En-Light-Eners

We are very in tune with the concept that there are very few industries that require the level of a balance between art and science than candle making. As we all know by now candle making is a much more complex process than just melting wax, adding crayons and some scent with the final result being the perfect candle. If candle making were this easy we would have run out of topics after the first year of writing this newsletter. Read More

Demystifying Candle Waxes, Part III: Straight Paraffin Waxes

March 01, 2005 | 2005 En-Light-Eners

For those keeping score, this is the third and final chapter in our recent series in "de-mystifying" Candle waxes. In the first issue we covered the blends available on the market, the second issue identified the emerging natural wax market. This final article features the use of straight paraffin wax. Read More

Nature's Gold, Oh Boy It's Soy and More

February 01, 2005 | 2005 En-Light-Eners

Welcome all new subscribers to our En-light-ener. We are pleased to announce a new feature in this month’s edition. Our staff is always asked, "What's hot?" In this issue we will be starting a new section, which will list highlight one of our product lines and what is the best selling item. This month’s issue will feature our best selling fragrances for the month of January 2005. It is kind of interesting to note that as a candle maker you really have to plan early in the process. As you will note most of these top-selling fragrances are florals as everyone prepares for the Spring Candle Season. Read More

New Year's Resolutions

January 05, 2005 | 2005 En-Light-Eners

It seems at the beginning of every year we always make resolutions such as the desire to quit smoking, work out at the gym and follow up on projects. (My resolution this year is to begin my article weeks before the deadline.) Read More

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