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June 01, 2005

Exploring a New Market Trend


Exploring A New Market Trend.
One of the keys to success in candle making is continually offering new and interesting products. In past issues we identified that offering new fragrances, responding to color trends and offering new containers could accomplish this. In this issue, we will discuss a developing trend in the candle market -- new textures combined with shapes.

Making candles in unique shapes and designs is a great way to capture a potential customer rather than relying on your fragrance selection. The unique shape or texture can visually attract the potential customer. If the shape and texture is unique enough, it can become part of the room décor and may not even have to be fragranced.

With the emergence of palm waxes, mottled candles, layered and even “grubby” candles (see the December 2004 edition of the En-Light-ener) textures are a big part of the candle industry. Combined with the endless selection of unique shapes and designs in molds, you can create one-of-a-kind candles.

With this endless selection, you may have a hard time selecting what is right for you. The Polycarbonate molds, which we also call Designer molds, are a great line to review. With unique shapes such as Rhombic Cone, Flat Steps and Spiral Sphere it is easy to see what great looks you can create. Any of these shapes can be greatly enhanced by using a mottling wax, layering them or by using some of the palm waxes.

Aluminum molds are not quite as “exotic” as the designer molds, but they do offer choices. Traditional square candles can be made to look different by making them with a grubby texture or layered. The octagon made with any of the Palm waxes in earth tone colors makes for a great candle. An important note with Aluminum molds is they will yield the best results when used the palm waxes.

Even the Polyurethane molds offer choices in shapes, which can make unique candles. However, one issue with polyurethane molds is that you cannot get textures using these molds. They are still great for making unique shaped and seasonal candles. Looking for the perfect wedding shower gift? The M-146 Small Bear in either baby blue or pink is the perfect favor. Does your area have an Apple or fall festival? If so, a red apple scented with one of the hot scents such as apple cinnamon is the perfect addition. Polyurethane molds are easy to use and the designs you can get are expansive.

One other growing trend related to shapes is larger size candles. BIG candles are back in style. A 6-inch diameter candle in 3-inch, 6-inch or 9-inch height can create the unique look your customers are looking for.

Since these are candles, it is important that you focus on the wick sizes for these candles. These unique candles are always a challenge to size properly. In many instances the top is narrower than the bottom, the middle may bulge out or in the case of a square, the corners may not burn out completely. Be sure to test different wicks in these types of candles and always select the wick that will burn the candle properly at the “narrowest” point of the candle.

Making unique shape candles can appeal to such a large segment of the market because you can appeal by color, shape, texture and even fragrance. In many instances with candles you are trying to capture the customer based solely on the fragrance, but the shape and texture allow you to capture their imagination.

We still have many fragrances available at half price and beeswax sheets at just 50 cents per sheet.


Hi! I'm Chandler!
I can help you
learn how to make candles.

Why are there so many different types of molds for making
pillar candles?

We like to narrow the selection down to three basic materials, aluminum, polycarbonate and binderthane. Each of the materials is good for a certain type of candle.

Aluminum molds are always great for the standard round and square candles. With standard sizes they are seamless, competitively priced, add a nice finish to the candle and generally allow the candle to release easily. Due to tooling costs, creating different shapes and sizes is not an alternative.

Polycarbonate molds are great for unique shapes and sizes. They are made of durable plastic and give an excellent finish on the candle.

Binderthane is always best for creating unique shapes, figurines and other candles that are not suitable for “sliding out.”


Every so often there is a cartoon, quote or funny antidote relating to candle making that is fun to share. This is a picture that we have always enjoyed.

June 2005

Making Candles With Shapes & Textures

To really create that special candle, our project is going to focus on both texture and shape. We have selected the octagon aluminum mold and the Palm 2 wax. The Palm 3 wax or any aluminum mold can be substituted to create your own special look. I think the Ylang and Amber fragrance is the perfect compliment to this unique candle. Again, you can select any fragrance to fit the shape or ambience you are trying to create. Did we mention that by using the Palm wax you are also making an all Natural Candle.


Octagon Aluminum Mold
Palm Wax
Color Blocks
Wick Bar
Rubber Plugs


Melt Palm Wax in double boiler. Note that the hotter you make the wax, the more the wax will create a snowflake look on the candle.
Do not exceed 210°F.

Add some shavings of color blocks and 4% to 5% of fragrance.

Using the rubber plug and wick bar, prepare your aluminum mold for pouring.

Before pouring wax, it is suggested to heat the mold with a heat gun or a heat lamp to maximize the crystalizing effect of the Palm Wax.

Pour liquid Palm Wax into the mold and let cool. By slowing the cooling rate of your poured candles, you can create fantastic crystal effects in your Palm Wax candles.

Sometimes Palm Wax requires a second pour. You will know it is necessary if a thin layer of wax forms over your candle when cooled. Simply poke a hole in this layer and perform your second pour.

What's Hot?
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AM-5 Aluminum 3 x 4½
AM-4 Aluminum 3 x 3½
AM-1 Aluminum 2 x 3½
SM-1 Square Votive
AM-16 Aluminum Mold 6 x 6½
DSM-15 Polycarbonate Egg
DSM-6 Cone
M-58 Tea Light Mat
M-22 Rose Floater

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Never made a Candle?
Be sure to look at our crafter site and check out our great hobby/starter kit. This unique kit includes a pouring pot, 1 pound of wax, wicks, thermometer, molds, color and fragrance. This kit is a great introduction into candle making. Note: This is a beginner kit and fragrance is a solid fragrance if you want stronger smelling candles you may want to add some of the liquid fragrances to the order.
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