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May 01, 2005

Fragrancing is Fun!


Fragrancing is Fun!
What are Moonlight Path, Passionate Kisses and Cool Water? If you answered themes for this year’s Prom you may be asked by the host, "Is that still your final answer?" A trip out to review some of the larger candle retailers will tell you that these are actually names of some of the best-selling fragrances for candles.

Fragrances for candles have come such a long way in a relatively short time period. Years ago, traditional fragrances such as Strawberry, Cinnamon and Rose were always the best sellers. Consumers have always like those fragrances and will continue to enjoy these “standard fragrances.”

In today’s environment a fragranced candle can be so much more to a consumer. There has always been scientific evidence that identifies pleasant scents can create positive emotional experiences. As candle manufacturers you should try to capture these with your customers.

Candlewic has a huge selection of scents including 56 brand new ones that we just introduced.

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What should Cool Water smell like? It is actually a cooling blend of lavender and the freshness of bergamot. When your customers smell this candle any number of experiences will race through their minds. The first trip to the local creek with their family, summer camp or reading a book on a hill top overlooking a quite lake. The emotions and experiences will be endless

As a candle manufacturer, think what you can create that could be your signature fragrance. For example, “Life’s Harmony” which could be a delicate blend of roses, calla and lilly.

Another trend is exotic fruits, natural elements and florals in newer and even more complex combinations. For a first-hand look at this trend try the newly introduced Bamboo Musk which is fresh and refined, fragrance containing a harmony of hesperidic notes including bergamot and lemon, delicately balanced with a base of Ylang and soft musk notes. This and many more new exotic smells will be arriving on the market.

Driving the fragrance trend is always colors. Some of the hottest colors include citrus orange, golden yellow and watermelon red. Matching fragrances to these colors will support the growing popular fragrances such as cucumber-melon, tangerine peach and more tropical based fruits.

Another hot trend coming forth is the harvest hues, which include pumpkin color, gold wheat and glazed ginger. With these colors the fragrances which should prove to be popular will be; Oatmeal, Milk and Honey, Mulberry Spice and Nutmeg and Cedar.

No article on fragrance trends would be complete without at least identifying the growing trend of layered candles. These candles are unique because you can get multiple fragrances out of the same candle. Each layer can be a new experience for your customer. Your problem with this candle may be fitting all of the exciting fragrances on your label: how about Black Raspberry Vanilla, Warm Vanilla Sugar and Blackberry Sage Tree. So many great fragrances, not enough room. Check out the January 2005 issue on how to make these exciting layered candles.

At the recent National Candle Association many attendees, including myself were presented with what may be one of the newest concepts in sales. MRI’s are starting to be used to determine truly what individuals desire. By using MRI technology companies are starting to identify truly what is pleasing by reviewing the brain wave activity.

I sure hope that I am not part of that marketing study they may find that I am just too Vanilla.

We still have many fragrances available at half price and beeswax sheets at just 50 cents per sheet.


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Is 5-6% fragrance enough for my candle?

This is always a difficult question to answer in that in most cases only half of the information is available. While many fragrances suppliers have tried to simplify things and identify that it is the right amount the reality is there are different strengths of fragrances. Some manufacturers may purchase for lack of a better term “more concentrated” fragrances where they may only need to add 2-4% to achieve good scent throw. Cheaper fragrances on the market may actually need 6-7%. In addition the fragrance itself may dictate if that percentage is the right load, a Cinnamon is generally very strong and you may be able to use a little less, whereas a lemon may need more to achieve the same scent throw.

Each scent and candle will require different amounts. The 5-6% is really a good basic number to use. One other quick note on fragrances adding more fragrances such as 8-9% does not automatically mean you will have the strongest smelling candle. Candle fragrances do have a point of diminishing returns.


May 2005

Making a Mottled Candle

One of the most associated looks with heavily fragranced candles is the mottled look. This look can be easily accomplished with containers, pillars and votives. It requires starting with the right wax. Not all waxes will mottle and using the right wax is essential.

The first step is to decide what type of candle you will be making and then choose the appropriate wax for that application.


Containers - Use 2530H
Votives – Use 3035H
Pillars – Use 4045H

Color blocks

Step 1
Select, clean, wick, and prepare your jars or molds as you normally do.

Step 2
Melt your wax, add color and 5% fragrance.

Step 3
Pour your wax between 165-175

Step 4
Pillars and votives: Top off your candle. When the top off completely hardens, remove it from the mold.

Containers: Top off candle.

Special Notes on Mottled Candles:

The reaction between the fragrance and the wax (causing it to fracture) is what causes the mottling. The fragrance and the process can have an impact on the level of mottling. If you do not achieve the desire mottling try pouring cooler first and then hotter until the desired results are achieved.

If you use too much fragrance it will bleed out.

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