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February 01, 2005

Nature's Gold, Oh Boy It's Soy and More


Welcome all new subscribers to our En-light-ener. We are pleased to announce a new feature in this month’s edition. Our staff is always asked, "What's hot?" In this issue we will be starting a new section, which will list highlight one of our product lines and what is the best selling item. This month’s issue will feature our best selling fragrances for the month of January 2005. It is kind of interesting to note that as a candle maker you really have to plan early in the process. As you will note most of these top-selling fragrances are florals as everyone prepares for the Spring Candle Season.

Nature’s Gold,
Oh Boy it’s Soy and More.

For our regular readers we just have to ask the question, are you holding to your New Year’s Resolution?

This is our second feature on sorting through all of the waxes available. This series is great if you are starting out and trying to determine which wax to use or thinking about changing your wax needs. As candle companies continue to strive to improve there process and candles the wax is always a good starting point.

With Spring rapidly approaching, plants starting to grow and days getting longer, I can’t think of a better time than now to feature natural waxes.

Soy 120

Soy 125

While natural waxes have been on the market for a number of years there popularity seems to be growing daily. One of the most rapid growths in natural waxes has been the Soy candles for containers. Several choices of 100% Soy Waxes are available for use in containers they are Soy 120 and Soy 125.

These two waxes create a very creamy and soft look great with earth tone colors. They are easy to use and only require scent (maximum of about 5%) and color be added. For most applications they do not require topping off and for best results the container should be heated and the candles poured at around 150F. Don’t be surprised if you start to hear your customers say “Oh boy do I like Soy”.

Palm 1

Palm 2

Palm 3

For a specialized look in the container try the Palm 1. This 100% Natural Palm wax will make an enchanting crystallizing effect in the candle. With this wax no two candles will be alike and your customers will marvel as to how you achieved this look. These waxes also function as a one pour and require no other additives.

For the 100% Natural Pillar there are several waxes available to chose from. The Palm 2 will create that Crystallizing effect to match your container. The Palm 3 will enhance the “wow factor” with your customers. This feathering wax is a sight to behold.

The old stand by for all applications is beeswax or as we like to say at Candlewic Nature’s gold. Beeswax is probably the most versatile wax available in the market. This wax makes very nice containers, votives, pillars, tapers and almost any other candle you can think of. This wax requires no additives and, in fact, the aroma provided by nature is more than enough to entice the customer.

One of the greatest things about candle making is that there really is not a right or wrong wax to use. It is just about creating the look you wish to achieve. We at Candlewic are committed to helping you chose what is right for you.

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What's Hot?
January's Top 10 Fragrances
1. Gardenia
2. Lilac
3. Vanilla
4. Lavender
5. Red Hot Cinnamon
6. Strawberries & Cream
7. Vetyver
8. Citrus Breezes
9. Spa
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10. Lavender Silk


Hi! I'm Chandler!
I can help you
learn how to make candles.
Make 100% natural wax candles without even melting the wax.

Since we are featuring natural waxes in this issue I thought I remind you that you can make 100% natural wax candles without even melting the wax. The beeswax sheets are a great way to make votives, tapers, and pillars all without melting any wax. These sheets are great for group project such as boy scouts, girl scouts and even Birthday parties. We have done several different projects with these sheets and most recently the April 2004 edition. If you are interested please let me know and I will send you a packet of 9 project sheets for free. Learn how to make "Trumpet Lily" Candle Bases, Wedding Bells and many others.


February 2005

Fruit Candles--Orange

It is easy to make a natural candle that can be enjoyed for those special dinner occasions, to give as gifts, or to have as a decorative show piece. These natural oranges look great as an added value product when displayed with your other candles. They are fun to make and act as a wonderful conversation piece. These candles may be natural and easily mistaken as the real thing, but please don’t eat them!

All Natural Pillar Blend

Polyurethane Orange Mold

Wick Holder Bar

Essential Oil Orange

Spooled Wick
(hemp wick is optional)

Orange Color Block

Iron Candle Holder (optional)

Step 1
Melt the natural CSP-1 wax on a double boiler to about 165 degrees. Add shavings of the B-12 until desired shade is achieved after the wax is up to temperature and stir well.

Step 2
Prepare the M-273 mold by inserting the wick through the bottom of the mold using a thin wire or very dull, oversized sewing needle. Be sure to leave an extra length of wick, so it pulls through when the candle is removed and is ready for the next time you use the mold. Use the M-321 wick bar to hold the wick centered over the top of the mold. Place a few rubber bands around the mold to hold the mold tightly together.

Step 3
Add roughly 1 to 3 percent of essential oil to the wax just before pouring, and pour at 150 to 170 degrees. Some candle makers prefer different pour temperatures. Higher temperatures may give easier release but may cause more shrinkage. The perfect balance is your preference.

Step 4
Top off if necessary. You may need to experiment a little to determine the optimal timing and temperature for the second pour depending on the ambient temperature of the room and initial pouring temperature of the first pour.

Step 5
Place the candle on an appropriate candle holder, light the candle and ENJOY!

Polyurethane molds are simple to use, make beautiful candles, and last a very long time. Many candle makers prefer them due to the fact they do not require heating and they make a unique candle that is entirely different than the common jar candle. Often the candles made with polyurethane molds are added to themed baskets as the perfect complement to soaps and lotions or sold with an inexpensive iron candle holder as a gift set. If you don’t like oranges there our other fruits in the basket including:
Apple M-270
Pear M-271
Lemon M-272
Lime M-274

Now Orange you glad I didn’t say Banana?

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