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August 01, 2005

The Trend of a Trend Network


The Trend of a Trend Network.

What do toasters, window treatments and candles all have in common? They all rely very heavily on color trends. As we sit here today making candles for this fall there are many businesses and designers trying to determine what the “Hot Color Trends” are going to be in the year 2008 and beyond.

While that may seem eons away for many, it is imperative that color trends are identified as early as possible when you have to make appliances, window treatments and vehicles. One of the advantages of being smaller is that we can react much more quickly and respond to consumer trends based on the changes annually. As candle manufacturers, it is imperative to respond to the changes in color by matching suitable fragrances. There are many sophisticated sources available for determining what the color trends are going to be but in many instances it can be as simple as a quick trip to the local retail mall and walking through the various clothing, appliance and even paint stores.

For the past couple of years, the general trend in colors where safe-neutral or earth tone colors. As we move away from those types of colors, the emerging trends now can be matched up quite nicely with a number of fragrances, and we are just in time to meet the demand of the consumer.

What color is
that Red?

When speaking about color and manufacturing, the industry is driven by Pantone, a New Jersey based company that almost all printers, manufacturers and artist use when trying to identify a specific shade or color. Pantone is the standard language when communicating color and shades.

Trend: Chocolate
It is commonly stated that chocolate brown is replacing black in many of the current consumer trends. Terms such as chic, warmer and cozier are terms associated with the new chocolate color. Because chocolate is so universal it is fairly easy to match fragrances to this color. The obvious ones include any of the coffee family and other kitchen favorites.

Trend: Citrus Splash
Brilliant and bold colors such as bright yellows, reds and tangerines are very popular in many of the consumer products. These types of colors match very nicely with emerging trends of exotic and combined fruits scents such as Mango-Manderin and Tangerine-Peach to identify a few.

Trend: Harvest Colors
These colors fit in very nicely with the growing market of soy and other natural waxes. Colors that are emerging include pumpkin, golden wheat and deep gold. The potential for fragrances using these colors is endless. Cinnamon Stick as well as Oatmeal, Milk and Honey come to mind when discussing harvest colors.

Trend: New Blue
It seems no trend is complete without some “redo” of blue. The hot blues in this go around include Pacific blue, tropical teal and even cobalt. The new blues conjure images of remote island escapes, water and safety. Blue is also very good as a base for any type of multi-layered candle and scent. When trying to fragrance these colors think of Cool Water or even the every popular Rain scent.

As we have identified in the past, fragrances are a big part of determining why people purchase various candles it cannot be forgotten that candles are also used to accent rooms and therefore color becomes the important criteria. While we may never be as sophisticated as the appliance, clothing and home furnishing manufacturers we can keep up on the trends easily by watching what they are making.


Hi! I'm Chandler!
I can help you
learn how to make candles.

I want to make container candles, should I use a one-pour wax?

I am one that always hates to use the term one-pour because in many applications the waxes identified as such still require topping off. The low-shrink waxes such as CBL-125 and CBL-130 are very good waxes when used in this application. They are by nature very soft and the colors are pastel. The type of wax you want to use in a container candle will really be determined by the look you wish to achieve. Borrowing from the color trend the CBL-125 or CBL-130 would work very well for the harvest color trend but may not work as well for the bright citrus colors. If you need further information on which wax will work best for you, please feel free to write to me.


August 2005

Tools of the Trade

With any type of job or project, having the proper tools makes the process go much more smoothly. Candle making is no exception. As we know, candle making is much more complex than melting wax, adding color/fragrance and pouring the candle. One of the more helpful tools of the trade to help the process is a heat gun. This tool can be used in many applications:

  • Warming the container and/or mold.
  • Leveling off the top of the candle and eliminating topping off.
  • Touching up jars when separation or unevenness occurs.

Whether you are making containers, pillars or votives there is a need for this tool.

Since we are on the subject of tools, others that can help improve the process are:

Handheld Thermometers - Help in determining the temperature of the container or mold.
TIP: To achieve the most consistent results year-round, you should identify what temperature of the container/mold achieves the best results.

Wick assembly - Is great to use in containers to help keep the wick straight during the pour.
TIP: The wick stick is only effective when topping off is done.

Books - No candle making production is complete without a good library of books.

Never made a Candle?

Be sure to look at our crafter site and check out this really great hobby/starter kit. This unique kit includes a pouring pot, 1 pound of wax, wicks, thermometer, molds, color and fragrance. This kit is a great introduction into candle making. Note: This is a beginner kit and fragrance is a solid fragrance if you want stronger smelling candles you may want to add some of the liquid fragrances to the order.


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