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August 01, 2006

Fragrance - The Driving Force in Candle Making


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Fragrance – The Driving
Force in Candle Making

Nothing is more exciting in the candle industry than new fragrances. Ask some of the largest candle companies about the key to their success, and for most, it would be their reputation for making strongly scented candles. Ask any new candle making company what they would like their customers to say about their products. We are confident the response would be to have the best fragrances.

In general, much of our daily lives are impacted by fragrances. From the time you use soap in the morning to dressing to applying perfume or cologne, all have some level of fragrance enhancements, all with the common theme of making you smell and feel good. Perfumes and colognes have become a part of our culture and are being promoted by celebrities, designers, and even Danielle Steele, a writer, is getting into the act. Without a doubt, fragrance is now the driving force behind the candle market.

Fragrances used in candles for many years were traditional and candle manufacturers would be able to keep these particular scents in their line for many years. Scents such as Vanilla, Mulberry, Cranberry and others, seem to have been the most popular scents. While consumers are now taking more risk these days with fragrances, they also need some familiarity.

The fragrance companies have built on this by continuing to offer these familiar scents with a twist. For example, the standard vanilla is now enhanced by mixing creamy vanilla and sweet brown sugar to make Warm Vanilla Sugar. Another example is enhancing mulberry by mixing in apple and black currants with rich mulled spices. Cranberry Chutney is made by blending mandarin, spice and sandalwood. While these are just a few that come to mind, all you have to do is look at some of the best selling fragrances by retailers and see all of the “reintroductions.”

If you can’t find that exact fragrance, try to mix and match to make your own signature fragrance. Some suggestions are Grapefruit and Rosemary, Sage and Cinnamon, Orange and Ginger, and Vanilla and Apple.

Another important strategy for fragrances is to create an image for your customers. You can take many of the existing fragrances and just rename them or enhance them. This could be of some help if you are sitting on a surplus of unsold fragrances. You can take something like Satin Sheets and call your candle Sweet Melodies or Baby Fragrance and call it Precious Love. The possibilities are endless.

The success in candle making is always to keep your fragrance line fresh so you have something new for your customers.


Hi! I'm Chandler!
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How can I get my Soy wax
candles to achieve greater
scent throw?

As many of us have seen, the
interest of Soy wax candles has continued to grow. The biggest hurdle is how to get better scent throw. Most soy waxes are only capable of holding 4 to 6 percent of fragrance. One way to achieve better scent throw is to add palm stearic to the wax which will allow you to add more scent. Another suggestion is to blend paraffin wax with some vybar, this will also allow you to add more scent. It is an opinion shared by many that Soy wax with present technology doesn’t have as good of a scent throw as paraffin. Fragrance companies are working on fragrances to improve the scent throw.

Fast Facts

In a survey conducted by Harris Interactive for the National Candle Association, they found the following results:

82% of women used candles to make a room smell better
67% find candles warm, inviting and set the tone when they entertain
58% of women said candles are an important home accessory
62% feel candles help create a sense of occasion when celebrating

All of the above should help us all feel that candles are as strong as ever as a home accessory.

August 2006

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