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January 05, 2006

The Secrets of Soy


As we start the new Year we wish to thank each and every one of our customers in 2005 and look forward to an exciting 2006. It seems the Candle Industry is always an exciting and dynamic industry. As many of you may have experienced the last quarter of 2005 presented challenges in regards to supply of paraffin waxes due to some closings of refineries.

Naturally (excuse the pun), many ask the question, should I use soy and natural waxes to prevent this from happening in the future? There are many reasons to consider making soy wax candles, but the driving factor should not be to ensure availability. While soy wax is relatively new to the market it will from time to time have its own availability issues. Keep in mind one of the driving factors is that nearly 95% of harvested soy goes to the food industry and the balance is used in other applications.

The demand in the candle market for soy continues to grow. Before trying soy there are several important factors we always like to point out for those used to making paraffin candles. First and foremost is the appearance. Soy wax in general produces candles that have a “flat” or pastel shade to the candle. This can play very well to the scents used; in the fall nothing is better than harvest colors and fragrances. Soy wax will always require more dye to get to the desired color.

In our mind one of the finest features of soy wax is that it as close to a one-pour wax as available. As with most low-shrink waxes some topping off will be required in larger containers. Another very positive feature of the soy wax is that the pouring temperatures have less impact on the finished candle than paraffin waxes.

As you get ready to make soy candles, one of the important factors is the wick selection. Soy does require wicks treated properly, the most common treatment is the RRD series with the NST2 treatment. The HTP series and ECO series work very well in soy and palm waxes as well.

Another strong feature of soy wax is that if you use the recommend amount of scent with it, no other additives are generally needed. If you want to add more scent than the recommended usage level, an additive such as palm wax or even vybar 260 can work.

One of the fast growing trends is taking paraffin wax and blending in soy wax. In some instances this gets the best of both worlds, minimal shrinkage of the Soy and the scent throw of the paraffin. We have even made it simple by pre-formulating the paraffin/soy blend with our new and improved CBL-130.

As we start the year off if you have been wondering if soy is right for you now might be the time to take the plunge.

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Expanding the “Flame of the Candle”

photo courtesy of
National Candle Association

In our last issue we identified how the media showcases candles in many different ways during the Christmas Holidays. As candle makers it is imperative that we keep candles in the forefront of all consumers all year round. Candles can be used in so many applications and not just during the traditional Holidays.

One of the most effective ways to make any special event memorable is to include something special that has been homemade. Candles are such a great item because they can be so personalized to the individual or the event. A Baby Shower, wedding favor, Prom Favor and even family reunions are all great opportunities to provide candles. Make sure you let your entire community know that you can make custom candles for these events.

In the winter months instead of lighting a fire why not load the fireplace up with candles (for even a more pleasurable experience use scented candles).

Crafter's Site Special Offers

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January 2006

Eye On You

Why the name? When looking at the candle it almost looks like and eye looking back at you.

As we mentioned, soy wax continues to grow in popularity and one container that helps grow this popularity is the "travel tin". This candle is sold to people traveling as a way to reduce stress. This project takes the usual tin container and adds a twist.

Materials Needed

Step 1
Melt either Palm 2 or Palm 3 in a double broiler to around 180F add scent (for this project we have selected cool water) and color then pour your votive (best to use votive pin) to a level of about 1½ to 1¾ (exact height will depend on how far you fill the tin)

Step 2
Remove the votive from the mold and remove the pin. Insert your selected wick (RRD-34, RRD-37 are good starting points) and place the votive in the tin container.

Step 3
Begin melting your Soy 125 to around 150F and add your scent (for this project we have selected clean cotton since it is a travel container and your hoping this smell will help no matter where they are staying).

Step 4
Carefully pour your Soy around the votive up to a level of the votive or slightly below.

Suggestions: After some practice it might be easier to pour the soy and then place the votive in the tin, you will need to have some idea where to pour the soy so it does not go over the top of the votive when inserted. For additional effect you may want to pour the palm wax at a higher temperature so the colors from the votive create streaking effects.



Hi! I'm Chandler!
I can help you
learn how to make candles.

How do I get rid of the air bubbles in my candles?
In most instances air bubbles are caused by air trapped between the wax and the surface of the container you are pouring into. For containers several things will help reduce/eliminate the air bubbles:

Preheat container - In most instances warm to the touch is all that is needed
Pour hotter - As the cold weather sets into many work environments the wax can set
up quicker. Raising your pouring temperature even by 5-10 degrees F is enough.
For pillars the same procedures can help eliminate these air bubbles.


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