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2007 En-Light-Eners


The 12 Days of Business

December 01, 2007 | 2007 En-Light-Eners

As 2007 draws to close, we wish to thank each and every customer that has relied on us the past 12 months. We hope that we have exceeded your expectations and look forward to the challenges facing the industry in 2008. The candle market continues to change and evolve and it's important that you have a supplier that can help you navigate these changes and help you stay informed. As we enter our 36th year of business, we look forward to continuing to offer exciting new products, competitive prices and expansion of the education segment of our business. Read More

Show Time

November 01, 2007 | 2007 En-Light-Eners

Candle making can be many things including a craft, hobby, passion and for many a business. It can be hard to focus on the business side of candle making when there is so much involved in producing candles, but as you probably have learned, if you are going to make money in this process the business side must be mastered. Read More

Ready, Set, Go!

October 01, 2007 | 2007 En-Light-Eners

Most candle makers cannot wait until the fall months and specifically October. Those that have been in the candle market always appreciate this is the time of year when we start getting busy with fall festivals and readying for the winter holidays. Read More

Greening Your Product Line and Your Bottom Line

September 01, 2007 | 2007 En-Light-Eners

American’s are becoming more aware of the ingredients that make up the products they purchase. Whether this is a result of the growth of natural supermarkets like Whole Foods, it is hard to say. What is certain is that the result has been an exploding demand for natural, organic and fair trade products. Every market has been touched by this wave and most have responded with products, which include some natural ingredients. Read More

Center of Focus

August 01, 2007 | 2007 En-Light-Eners

Consumers purchase candles for many different reasons, they may like the particular fragrance, color, shape/design, but, I am not sure anyone has ever identified that they purchased a candle because of the wick. However, without the proper wick in the candle, the customer probably will not come back a second time. Read More

The Latest In Candle Making Products

July 01, 2007 | 2007 En-Light-Eners

Like any business, hobby or craft there are constantly new products introduced to help make the candle making process a little bit easier. As a beginner or experienced candle maker, it is always difficult to determine if the product will actually make the process easier for the user. In this issue, we will explore some of the newer products that have been launched in the last number of years, and how they are used. Several of the products have been around longer then others but are still worth reviewing because for many, they are still new. Read More

Setting Your Candles' Sale Price

June 01, 2007 | 2007 En-Light-Eners

In our last issue we helped by identifying all of the potential cost associated in manufacturing a candle. Now that you have accomplished the first piece of the puzzle, it is time to determine what type of preliminary price you wish to set for your product. Read More

Determining Your Candle Making Costs

May 01, 2007 | 2007 En-Light-Eners

As a candle maker it seems we have to wear many hats and be an expert in many aspects of business. One day we find ourselves trying to be a chemist and figure out how the wax performs with the fragrance. The next day is trying to be a perfumer keeping up with the latest trends in new fragrances. The following day you are filling the role of a Production Manager trying to figure out how to make more candles in a day. With all of these duties I am convinced that it had to be a candle maker that developed the saying “Burning the candle at both ends”. Read More

No Detail Is Too Little

March 01, 2007 | 2007 En-Light-Eners

Remember the first several times you made candles? Though it appeared everything went well, such as selecting the proper wax, fragrance and amount of color, you discovered that when you took the candle out of the mold, or looked at the candle the next morning something did not turn out right. Read More

All About Molds

February 01, 2007 | 2007 En-Light-Eners

Do you remember the first time you thought about making candles? Probably like most people, your thought process was how hard can it be? You melt wax, add the color and fragrance, insert the wick, and then you have a finished candle. After you poured your first candle, it became obvious that there is definitely much more involved in the process. Read More

"Green" Candle Making

January 05, 2007 | 2007 En-Light-Eners

We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday, and we truly look forward to working with everyone in 2007. As always we have many exciting plans for 2007 and look forward to assisting you. Be sure to share our newsletter with all of your candle making friends. It is always free and helps you stay on top of what is going on in the candle industry. Read More

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