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November 01, 2007

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Candle Association (NCA)

Candle making can be many things including a craft, hobby, passion and for many a business.   It can be hard to focus on the business side of candle making when there is so much involved in producing candles, but as you probably have learned, if you are going to make money in this process the business side must be mastered.

It is an exciting time for candle making in that more candles get sold between now and the end of the year than the rest of the year.  If you pick up a holiday magazine there are many pictures that have candles, commercials use candles as backdrops and store decorations have incorporated candles.  As a candle company it is imperative to take advantage of this increased attention.  

We will try and highlight some of the obvious and maybe not so obvious ways to bring attention to the business during this season. Most of these still can still be incorporated despite the buying season starting in several days.  What is best is some of these things can be done at no cost, except for some time and effort. 

Reaching the Local Market

The first thing we would recommend is to send press releases to the local newspapers.  The press release can highlight many things about candles in general, maybe not just about your business:

  • Write an article on different ways to incorporate candles into home décor.   One of the ways we have always liked is to use candles in the fireplace instead of a fire.  Another suggestions is to use scented luminaries outside if entertaining during the evening. Both make for great stories in Home Sections of newspapers.
  • Write an article on the safe way to burn a candle.
  • Editors like stories on timely subjects so maybe send out a press release highlighting your business and how this time of year is special.

A Wider Exposure

Using the internet is also an essential aspect of any business model.  One of the easiest and least expensive ways to get exposure is through Ebay.    Ebay can take time to perfect but many have found it a great way to get their name out to customers at a reasonable cost. 

If you have a website, be sure to explore the world of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.   This is a great option to get instant exposure, but a word of caution is that certain prime key words such as “candles” can become very costly.  The key with using pay-per-click advertising is to find and focus on words that are specific to your type of candles. 

If you have something unique like scented tapers, it might be easy because not a lot of candle companies make that type of candle.  Maybe find a unique candle to make like Bayberry Candle that might bring people to your site and they will see all of your candles.

Perfect Timing

This time of year abounds with festivals, shows and celebrations.  Check with the coordinators of these events to see if they need any "live demonstrations."  In some instances it might be difficult to set up the exact type of candle making you do at an off-site location, but if you roll beeswax sheets, use granulated wax or even hand dipped tapers, it allows you to get in front of the community and have fun while doing it.

Some downtowns have candle lighting events. See if you could either sell or donate the candles in trade for some free exposure.  

The key this time of year is to get your company name and type of candle out in front of the community as often as possible.  There may be some up-front cost to donate candles and advertising, but it should pay off as customers start recognizing your name. 


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What are some holiday projects for groups to work on that are suitable for all ages?

As we approach the holidays, groups and organizations are actively engaged in crafting activities, and so I am asked this question quite often.

In general, there are several creative group projects ideal for any age group. I have listed them along with the links for previously featured projects.

It is always best to engage in projects that do not require the wax to be heated and ones which the participants can take the project home when completed. Some of my favorite include the following...

Holiday Ornaments & Soap-on-a-Wick -
November 2003

Beeswax Candle Sheets -- Fun, Easy, and Profitable -
September 2003

Candle Making Made Fun...Wax Art Crystals
March 2003

November 2007

Snowball Candles

It's hard to believe, but winter will soon be upon us -- if it's not already in some areas. One of the most appropriate candles for the winter season is the snowball candle. What is also nice about this candle is that even after the holidays have passed it will not look out of place in your home.


Large Polycarb Ball Mold or Groove Lock Mold

5" (12.5 cm) – 2/0 wick

Fragrance Oil – Peppermint

General Purpose Wax

Iridescent Glitter


Step 1
Place wick in ball mold. Melt wax and add peppermint scent to wax as desired. Pour your candle, referring to page 3 for detailed instructions. Allow candle to cool and then re-fill depression in the center of the candle. Cool completely and remove finished candle from mold.

Step 2
Add peppermint scent and 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of glitter to 1 to 2 cups (250-500 ml) of melted paraffin wax and stir. Place melted paraffin in a deep bowl. Cool wax until a thin skin forms over the surface of the wax. Then, using an electric mixer or egg beater, whip melted wax until it becomes light and fluffy.

Step 3
Now, you must work QUICKLY. The whipped wax will cool quickly and become hard and unmanageable. Apply the whipped wax to the outside of the ball candle with a fork. Cover the whole candle in this manner, holding the candle by the wick so that you can work on the entire candle at once. Be careful! The wax can still be quite hot at the beginning of this process. If wax becomes too cool to work with, reheat and whip again.

Candle Basics

Candle Basics Book

For more great projects like this one, please check out our Candle Basics Book (item BK-8) with over 50 great projects. You'll find it in the books section of



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