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December 01, 2007

The 12 Days of Business


The 12 Days of Business

As 2007 draws to close, we wish to thank each and every customer that has relied on us the past 12 months. We hope that we have exceeded your expectations and look forward to the challenges facing the industry in 2008. The candle market continues to change and evolve and it's important that you have a supplier that can help you navigate these changes and help you stay informed. As we enter our 36th year of business, we look forward to continuing to offer exciting new products, competitive prices and expansion of the education segment of our business. If you are reading this now, you are aware that we publish this as a free newsletter. We offer other excellent and free educational resources through our Technical Direct Chandler via email, our toll-free Technical Support at 800-368-3352 and our free print catalog. We will also be expanding our level of classes from an introductory level up to designing a candle manufacturing plant.

We look forward to continuing to work with you in 2008 and we are always here to assist you.

Your Friends at Candlewic

As business owners there is a great deal that can be done between now and the time you pop open the champagne to start the New Year.  No matter how small you are, some of these tips can be of great assistance both this year and getting 2008 off to a good start.     

Since we are so close to the Christmas holiday we will keep in that spirit and present these tips in concert with the 12 Days of Christmas. These are not necessarily in any type of order, except where I could find a corny way to incorporate into the suggestions.

12. Drummers Drumming (Can’t resist this one)
As the number of shopping days dwindles, it's imperative to finish strong. Be sure to “Drum” up as much business as possible before the holiday.  Offer incentives to help reduce inventory. 

11. Pipers Piping
Most companies fiscal year will be ending shortly. Be sure to get your tax information together so when it comes time to pay the piper (had to reach on this one) you will be prepared.

10. Evaluating Your Inventory
Evaluating your inventory is a very important year end exercise for any size business. Reducing inventory can be very important because it can generate cash flow for the new year and not be taking up valuable space in your warehouse. You didn’t make any money on candles sitting in your warehouse or shelf.  Holiday candles are difficult to sell after January 1st unless deeply discounted.  Excessive inventory takes up space and hinders your ability to purchase new products.  

9. Donate to Charity
If it appears certain candles will not sell, consider donating them to an appropriate charity. This will go to a good cause and can help with your tax deductions. If they have no value, be sure to get them off your books so you do not have a tax liability on items that have no “market” value. Check with  your accountant for all true tax questions.

8.  Discount
When it appears selling at full value will not happen, offer deep discounts because generating the sale in most instances is better than having the inventory for another 9-10 months.

7. Donate to Your Community
Think about giving away the candles directly to the community. Take 20-30 candles with a nice bow to your church, spouses work or neighborhood holiday party. Give them to individuals that may not necessarily know that you make candles. They would be very appreciative of this gesture and may be more inclined to purchase your candles in the future.

6. Geese a Laying
While the information is fresh, look over your holiday sales and determine which items were big sellers (Golden Rings) and which are ugly ducklings (in this instances non-sellers). This will help determine which products you will want to drop from your product line.

5. Golden Rings
While you are looking over sales data, don’t just look at sales but also gross profit (see the May issue on pricing). You may have several items that the profit is better than others. Examine ways to sell more of the higher margin products in 2008.

4. Calling Birds
Reach out to all of your customers and let them know some of your plans for the upcoming year.  It might be new fragrances, new containers or even types of candle. Most people start the New Year with a lot of optimism, and if you can put ideas and concepts in their process early enough, you will have an advantage over your competition.

3. Change Candle Names
If a candle is a holiday specific fragrance rename so you can extend the selling season until the end of winter. A Christmas Cheer might turn to Winter Delight. 

2. Be More Efficient
Since there may be some slow days, look at your operation and see if there is any way to make it more efficient.  Any new equipment you might need.  Year end is always great for budgeting and planning so you can kick the New Year off right.  While the inclination is to wind down the year we have always been an advocate of taking this slow time to examine the entire business. 

1. True Love
Most consumers love candles. Be sure to use this in your marketing plan for 2008. Candles can serve many functions; room freshner, accessory and even function as lighting.  Be sure to incorporate all of these as you plan for new products in 2008. Most important be sure your passion and love for the business still burns.


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I want to make container candles, should I use a one-pour wax?

I am one that always hates to use the term one-pour because in many applications the waxes identified as such still require topping off.

The low-shrink waxes such as CBL-125 and CBL-130 are very good waxes when used in this application. They are by nature very soft and the colors are pastel.

The type of wax you want to use in a container candle will really be determined by the look you wish to achieve. Borrowing from the color trend, the CBL-125 or CBL-130 would work very well for the harvest color trend but may not work as well for the bright citrus colors. 

Another way to help achieve minimum shrinkage would be to add some Soy wax to your blend. 

December 2007

Featured Projects of 2007

Soy WaxJanuary -
Tri-Color Jar Candle
9 steps to a beautiful multi-color jar candle.

February - Custom Molds Using Our NEW Miracle Mold Material (M3)
With Miracle Mold Material (M3), make custom molds out of any object.

March - No Melting Required
Use many different candle making waxes for products that don't require melting. Great for summer projects!

April - Layering
Natural Wax

One of the very unique features of natural waxes is that they are great for layering.

May - What To Do With Extra Wax
Here are some of the best ideas that we have heard for using extra wax.

June - Summer
Sand Candles

A project that allows you to use something that many will be spending a great deal of time, and that is sand.

July - Making votives
with votive pins

August - Making
Streak Candles

One of the easiest novelty candles to make is the streaking candle.

September - One-Pour Tins

If you are starting out making candles and looking for a good “gift” or project for this holiday season, a Natural candle in a tin fits both needs.  These tins are easy to make and can easily be personalized.  

October - Luminaries
Even if you are not a candle maker you can get your entire neighborhood involved.

November - Making Snowball Candles
One of the most appropriate candles for the winter season is the snowball candle. What is also nice about this candle is that even after the holidays have passed it will not look out of place in your home.


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